Photography: Porto Afternoon



Another photography post, this time some photos i took a few weeks ago in a sunny afternoon.
I love Porto even more on this days… Everyone is out and there is life and sun and the wind blows… Paradise if you ever been here.

The only thing that makes me sad is the continuous growth of publicity in the street. Because we have so many tourists everything has some king of advertising in it, a motorcycle, a wall, the street it self, everything. I know this is ‘needed’ but Porto is known for his historical places and buildings, why ruin them?
I have quite few photos but i hope you enjoy them.


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Photography: Students and tradition


Reading wise, this week is just awful. Being a student in Portugal, there is a week in which there is no classes, every night there is Queima (kinda like a festival but different) and some other days there is an event that has some meaning to the students. Today i bring you some photos from Cortejo (parade). In this special event, all students go to the street and do a parade for everyone! To celebrate the year that has passed and if you finished your degree/master you get a special attire.

IMG_1951 Maybe you already know that in Portugal in university we have a special uniform the Traje. It’s no obligatory, it’s just something we can wear to show that we study at the university. There are a ton of articles about it!

All the photos were taken with my 40mm and it’s my first attempt at street photography. I hope you like it!

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Photography: My Sunday


Since my posts are lacking, i decided to add a few posts with some of my photos. (The posts are lacking because of the new job and everything). Reading wise i’m reading The Maze Runner. Quite enjoying actually, maybe i can finish it in the weekend (?) with some luck.


The two photos above were taken with my new lens, a 40mm. I haven’t really try it a lot. This ones were the first pictures. The following ones are just some random ones i took on Sunday. I hope you enjoy!

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London Trip Part I


Last week i went to one of my favorite cities in the world, London!
It was amazing, everything! From the streets to the people. The life the city has is amazing. I stayed in Soho, the best thing i could do. Every morning the city just went crazy. So many people everywhere so much life. In the night it was complete Chaos, we walked a lot and went on the bus a few times, everyday by 18h, everyone was out.

I’m going to divide my visit in 2 posts maybe, it depends on the pictures. I really hope you enjoy it!


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Red Velvet Cake



I few days i go i went back to the kitchen with the goal of making a red velvet cake.
I love Laura in the Kitchen videos and fortunately for me she had the recipe i needed. I changed a few things and added the strawberries. But everything went ‘wrong’.


As you can see, the cake isn’t red, even though i brought gel food coloring. Then my cream frosting is anything but cream… (that on top is chocolate). Not even talking about this is my second cake! The first one was under cooked and i had to make cake pops with the rest of it. Still the taste is good, and the strawberries give it a natural look.

Of course i took the opportunity to take a few photos with my new lens.

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French Baked Donuts – Photography blog


Today i bring you something different. A recipe. On the moment i’m enjoying baking quite a lot. I never had the need to bake but now i’m feeling that way.
I been doing some cookies and cupcakes since a few months now but i wasn’t able to take decent photos. But this Saturday the planets aligned and the light in my kitchen was nice!

I made French Baked Donuts, the recipe was taken from Camille Styles, well, i used glace instead of the butter and cinnamon top. (the glaze recipe i just Google it).


This was so fun to make! And the nutmeg gives it a great taste. I really feel in love with them. (Ate to much x) ). Everyone who tasted loved it.


I hope you try it! The ingredients are the following:

For the Glaze
3 tablespoons melted butter;
1 cup confectioners’ sugar;
3/4 teaspoon vanilla;
2 tablespoons hot water;

For the Dough
5 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature;
1/2 cup sugar;
1 egg, beaten;
1 1/2 cups flour;
2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder;
1/4 teaspoons salt;
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg;
1/2 cup milk;


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat donut pan generously with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside.
  2. Cream together butter and sugar until fluffy. Add egg; mix well.
  3. Sift flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg together. Add dry ingredients alternately with milk.
  4. Fill donut tins half full. Bake 15-20 minutes. Take out of pan immediately and swirl tops into melted butter, then sugar and cinnamon mixture. Makes 6-7 big donuts.

Once again, i took the recipe from Camilla Styles. A great blog with great recipes. Go pay it a visit.

Stay awesome,


Cascata da Cabreia (Cabreia Waterfall)



A few months ago i went on a little trip. I discovered this place on a news website saying it was amazing and beautiful.

So i grabbed my boyfriend and 2 friends and up we go!

It was in the middle of Spring and the weather was completely random. Fortunately it was sunny and i was able to take some photos. (Kinda noob still please don’t judge me).

Located on Serra da Cabreia, on Silva Escura, Sever do Vouga, Aveiro. (40° 45′ N -8° 23′ O) It’s a park for lunches and to spent a day with friends and family. It has some tables all around the park but if you go late you end up not having any decent table, because most of them are made of rock!
The trail and roads to the park aren’t the best. You will think you’re lost but you aren’t.IMG_8322

It has 2 waterfalls, i tinny one (the one on the photo) and a big one that is the main attraction. The park it self is in the middle of a forest and surrounded by trees and greenery. Very friendly and relaxing, i really love that place. Bad thing is you can’t go to the water.


The second time i went i took my family. We took lunch with us and some snacks. Old schools family time. Because the temperature was higher and it is summer there were some bees. Once again, i took some photos just to test some settings and increase my skill.

IMG_8329 copy

If you are looking for a cool place to stop by in Portugal and escape the cliches of Algarve or the typical vacations visit this Park! It’s a different view of what Portugal can offer and you will spent a nice day.

Hope you enjoyed.

Stay awesome,


Casa D’Água


Like everyone, in the summer i like to relax and enjoy the weather. But lately the weather isn’t very nice to us and the cherry on top, I don’t have vacations. So i rely on long weekends and weekends. This time i spent my 3 days weekend on Casa D’Água.

Located on Ancede, Porto, Portugal, Casa D’Água is a modern house by the Douro river. The weather was fantastic and the fact that every corner of the house has flowers just makes it perfect. The owners were fantastic, super nice! We took food with us but there was  so much food there! They even made a cake for us (AMAZING CAKE!).

The house had this amazing chairs inside and outside (on the deck). It’s just by the train rails but don’t thinks the noise is disturbing. I live by the airport so i didn’t even notice.

IMG_9076On the first day we arrived at 16h and just lounged by the sun. I took a couple of photographs and read alot. The night was peaceful and falling asleep with the sound of the river and waking up with it was pretty good.

On the second day we went on a walk through the river side outside. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because there wasn’t that much. On the afternoon we just enjoyed the sun and the went on a dive. I took some photos in the morning and to some flowers, really a nice place to practice photography and settings.


Finally, the last day we chilled on the house because we had to leave after lunch. I really enjoyed not doing a thing except reading. Was a really nice way of relaxing and forgetting everything.

I would love to go back and do other things like the cruise and canoeing. Even though it’s kind of expensive it’s worth it. We rented the all house but you could just rent a room to save some money.


For more information:

Stay awesome,