The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus #4) Book Review


After months of hiatus, i’m sorta of back.

It took me months to read this book, not because it sucks but because it drags a lot and i wasn’t in the mood to read it. I didn’t read anything else in between. No excuses, this blog was always for me to write my reviews and never feel like a chore. So i hope you (those who find this on google 😛 ) read it and enjoy it.

So, like i said before, this book drags too much for my taste. Is the fourth book in a series and it felt like it, like a filler at least to me. Main spoilers next.

Even with all the action and interactions will different environments and characters there can be too many things happening. Still, the book has the same feeling as the previous, which can also be boring to read 4 books all with the same tone. Still i have it 3.5 out of 5.


I will focus in two major groups: Percy/Annabeth and everyone else.

Percy/Annabeth: I found this the most interesting plot thread. They really grew up, individually and as a couple/friends. Percy saw what his insecurities were and where he was failing with his friends and with people who thought he was their friend (Bob). And Annabeth proved that she can be a better version of herself (i don’t know how to explain this), with every situation (the statue and the relationship with her mother) she was able to show the others that sometimes you need a group to help you and sometimes you need to do it alone. This empowered the others, at least i think it did.

Group: Jason proved once again to be one of my favourites, being the one who actually wants to understand Nico. Who is the same angry teenager he is, i get it, i know why but it still makes me a bit upset he is still mad. After all the things they as a group went together. On the other hand i don’t feel particularly friendly towards the rest of the group. Maybe Frank is the one with the best arc, growing just like Percy. Of course, Leo was the saddest part of the book, his lively wood doesn’t show what he as been through and honestly together with Frank and Percy, it might be one of the best arcs of the book.

Hoping to read the final book in short time but i need some light reads first.

Stay awesome,




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