The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus #2) Book Review



Today the review of the second book in the Heroes of Olympus series.
Because it’s synopsis is kind of spoilery, i will not put it in today.
As always, making a review of a series is difficult but i will make sure you know the right amount of things.

We start this journey with Percy in a place he isn’t used too, with time he joins Hazel and Frank and just like Percy always does, an adventure starts. He doesn’t have a memory of his past just one name “Annabeth”.

This is a good book and a good installment but, maybe because the first one was on a known environment, it’s easier to get into. This one was a little different, a better explanation of this on the spoilers part. It’s a must read for any fans of this series because it makes the prophesy of the seven a lot more detailed and explains us how the world of Gods works. Frank and Hazel are very different from Piper and Leo, Jason and Percy are very alike.

I gave it 4.5 out of 5


Now for the spoilers!

This book isn’t very heavy on any theme on particular, unlike the first one. We did get a sense of mystery with Hazel and Frank pasts but the Roman mythology wasn’t very detailed, at least not as much as the first series.

Percy seemed different before getting some memory back, but by the end he was the usual Percy. Hazel and Frank are the cute young couple, i felt their ark is a lot like Leo and Piper, controlling their powers and understanding they are strong from the inside.

What i think fell flat was some of the dreams they had, e.g Gaia and Ella say a bunch of things to Percy but they don’t talk about it any time, i think they will go through it in the future but for the moment it fell flat.

Overall it’s not as good, it has the usual battles but maybe less detail. Don’t miss it if you like this series, i’m starting to like and understand Roman and Greek Gods.

Stay awesome,



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