Rogues by George R. R. Martin Book Review


“How the Marquis Got His Coat Back” by Neil Gaiman

I don’t remember this tale so well, to be honest i enjoyed it but felt lost in it. I later found this was a character from Neverwhere (on my TBR), maybe because i wasn’t expecting a fantastical adventure or because i didn’t understood a thing i just enjoyed it. I like the character personality, i guess that might be good for Neverwhere.

“Provenance” by David W. Ball

Nazi-collector of art, i don’t remember a lot sadly. I read it a few months back.

“What Do You Do?” by Gillian Flynn

What the actual f*?

  • Short and sweet: check
  • Creepy and mindf*cking: check

You can tell this is from Gillian specially after “Sharp Objects”, for me it followed the same lines. The plot? I can’t say a word without spoiling everything, the main point is the same through all the book the bad and the ugly. Just read it if you can and are a fan of Gillian. Totally mind blowing.

“A Better Way to Die” by Paul Cornell

Clone school, parallel worlds and subplot. Nice story but it could be more detailed (since i didn’t understood it for 80% of reading it). First time reading Paul Cornell, a lot of descriptions but it didn’t grab me.

“A Year and a Day in Old Theradane” by Scott Lynch

This was awesome! Fast pace, intriguing, unique and a true fantasy adventure.
Some things were missing, but even with that 5 out 5 really.
I have a feeling i would really like Scott Lynch books.

“The Caravan to Nowhere” by Phyllis Eisenstein

Well, a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this story as much has i did, because it was a known character.
The way drugs were portrait felt real and even with a small space for character grown and plot twists, it managed to surprised me.

“Bent Twig” by Joe R. Lansdale

Second best story in the all book (first being the Gillian Flynn one), the one from GRRM is not a story is the all goal of me reading this xD

Quick, with funny characters, could ask more anything more. It’s dark but the comedy does a great job at reliving it. I kinda want to read more about them.

“The Lightning Tree” by Patrick Rothfuss

Pretty cool, from someone who never read Patrick Rothfuss this story made me want to read more. Maybe it was the character.

“Now Showing” by Connie Willis

I was so tired of so many short stories i didn’t read this.

The Rogue Prince, or, A King’s Brother” by George R.R. Martin

The moment i was waiting for, this short story. Was it worthy? Actually yes. I really liked knowing everything about Westeros and that the present events (GoT events) are just repetitions of the past. How marriage works and how the crown is never safe.

Overall 4 out of 5 just because some short stories were amazing.


Stay awesome,




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