Pressures I Face as a Reader



I decided to bring you a different post today. Not a tag, not a review but kind of an opinion post.

So every reader faces a bunch of pressure, because we don’t read enough, because we don’t read fast enough… so i decided to make a list of what i find really as a toll on me.

Not reading classics.
I’m not the biggest fan of classics, i know they are really good and full of good content but they don’t appeal to me. I do know when i really want to read one (ex. Jane Austen) i will pick it up.

Not reading in English (being Portuguese)
I like to read, i speak english, i can read it. I don’t have a problem with reading in english, i would be a lot richer if i only bought books in english but i also like to read in portuguese… i tend to buy books in portuguese because they are ‘at hand’ and because i want to. I do read graphic novels in english and i’m building my collection of english books. I just don’t like when people look at me side ways or judge me as less of a reader because i don’t read 90% of the time in english.

Reading Young Adult
What is wrong with reading YA? Why does reading is about fiction and serious themes all the time? YA is fun and light and no one is less of a reader because of that.

Reading Popular Books
I don’t know if any of you feel this but lately everyone judges each other if you only read popular books or you don’t read them. This goes with the reading classics topic too. I personally read what i want at the time. I like to buy books not only because its famous on booktube but because i like the synopsis.

Having a TBR too big
I’m one of those readers who likes to have a little personal library. I get anxious thinking if i don’t get that awesome book now its going to disappear. I have a ton of books (180+ at this time) the ratio is about 40% read 60% not read and i’m okay with that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and what are the pressures you feel as a reader? I didn’t said the one i truly feel (not reading fast enough) because to me that is almost bullying 😛

Stay awesome,



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