Book Tower Challenge



A few days i go i decided to accept a challenge made by my friends at work. Could i build a tower of book of my height?
I knew the answer to that (yes of course i could), but i thought, maybe i can build 2?
I counted the book and i have 175! That kinda of a lot….

Sorry for the photos but the since i took the photos by sunset the quality is… well… questionable… Still I hope you enjoy this small post! Next week review of Ms. Marvel Volume 3! (Also, i have an Awesome bed sheet)


So first thing first, get every book out the shelf’s! This was not hard, you can imagine. I started building the tower but i noticed it was going to be really hard.


They don’t have the same size, weight, nothing really and they are paperback so pilling this up was hard. I needed a support.
I managed to find a tall place i could actually stack them and took a photo on the side!


Are you seeing this beautiful thing? 🙂 Those little ones weren’t safe on top so i decided not to risk my life, or my books for the matter.


And now, the truly fun part. Reorganizing everything on its place! 🙂


This was it! A small post but quite fun.

Here is a bonus:

This rocks i know.

Stay awesome,



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