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I finally finished the fourth book in the “Uglies” series! You can see my others reviews here (Book 1 Uglies), here (Book 2 Pretties) and here (Book 3 Specials). The book plot happens 3 years after the events of Specials in, what i think is, future Asia. So let’s start the review! 🙂

It’s a few years after rebel Tally Youngblood took down the uglies/pretties/specials regime. Without those strict roles and rules, the world is in a complete cultural renaissance. “Tech-heads” flaunt their latest gadgets, “kickers” spread gossip and trends, and “surge monkeys” are hooked on extreme plastic surgery. And it’s all monitored on a bazillion different cameras. The world is like a gigantic game of “American Idol.” Whoever is getting the most buzz gets the most votes. Popularity rules.

As if being fifteen doesn’t suck enough, Aya Fuse’s rank of 451,369 is so low, she’s a total nobody. An extra. But Aya doesn’t care; she just wants to lie low with her drone, Moggle. And maybe kick a good story for herself.

Then Aya meets a clique of girls who pull crazy tricks, yet are deeply secretive of it. Aya wants desperately to kick their story, to show everyone how intensely cool the Sly Girls are. But doing so would propel her out of extra-land and into the world of fame, celebrity…and extreme danger. A world she’s not prepared for.

This is almost a different story from the previous installments. In this book we follow Aya and the struggles in her city. Fame is important and she isn’t famous, what i found particularly curious was that Scott Westerfeld was talking about feeds and people posting they every day life. Doesn’t this sound familiar? This fact made the book relatable and easier to get into.

Just like in the previous reviews, it’s hard not to spoil anything from the series and because i don’t to, my spoiler free review will be simple.

Is this book necessary to the first three books? I think Scott just follow the trend of giving the reader a few more things about the world so many love. I did in fact enjoyed this book a lot more than the second one.
It’s slow, don’t expect a fast pace book like the first one. We loose a long time understanding the dynamic of Aya and fame. I didn’t find she had character growth like Scott intended, but the support characters did had.

We did find a few more things about humans and it turned really sci-fish by the end, to a fan like me, it was great.
The ending gives us something, what to me felt like a closure, i didn’t felt that 100% in Specials. So if you read the previous ones and who felt like you needed something more give this book a try, but if you felt like the third book was enough and have other books to read you can skip it.

I gave it 4 stars because of the last 100 pages.


Now onto the spoiler review!

I made a few topics while reading the book, aspects i liked and others i didn’t.


  • This new world felt realistic. Now everyone is the same and not at the same time. Everyone can have surgery, belong to a tribe but what makes us different? that’s where the book gains points. Because it fits in our reality. Everyone wants attentions but is it for the good reason?
  • Nana Love remember me of our ‘Kardashians’ and fellow famous personalities.
  • I had a hard time visualizing the scenes in Singapura and with the most sci-fi elements.
  • The last chapters (not the actual last) felt flat. They found what was going on and then BAM, party and everything is alright, end. I liked the ending, it gave me closure but ending the big build up of the book in just one chapter wasn’t right.

Tally and Other characters:

  • Tally finally gets the message out there, she is famous. That’s when the book gets fun and quick. Before that i found it hard to keep reading.
  • Tally is exactly what i wanted her to be, the hero.
  • When she showed up it was fun and what i wanted. Shay and her seemed to have a better dynamic
  • She still struggles a lot, it felt right.
  • My ship is still sailing! 😀
  • Aya is only worried with fame and being famous. It’s selfish and childish in the beginning. Only after seeing the inhuman figures she starts to see the world differently.
  • I connected more to Hiro and Ren than actually Aya and Frizz. Those two had a greater character growth comparing to Aya and Frizz who were the main ones.
  • I didn’t felt that connection to the Sly Girls but i enjoyed knowing Tally was still aware of what the world was doing to the planet, she is doing what she said in the end of the 3 book.

I hope you enjoyed the review, have you read this series? Do you want to?

Stay awesome,



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