The Flash, Vol. 1: Move Forward


2 days a go i finished the first volume of the New 52 “The Flash”.
I got really curious after the tv-show, it is so good! Of course comic-book vs tv-show is nothing alike but still this volume was my first real super hero comic book and i ended up loving it!

I decided to enter DC world with the New 52 restart, because i thought it would be easier, but after finding out what happened to the previous comics i really want to read it! So, on to the review! This one will not have a spoiler section because i don’t think is necessary.

We meet Barry, a forensic scientist, we also meet him as the Flash. The fastest man alive.
This volume has 4 story lines (that i notice…): first we follow the dead of one of the best friends of Barry from university. On the second one we meet Captain Cold and his new powers (short story but i think it will have repercussions in the future), on the third we meet Gorilla Grod, this is really fun, because in the show i don’t understand quite well Grod but in the issues it was really well. Finally the common story line was the time vortex and the speed force, how it works and what Barry didn’t knew about it.

It really hard to do a full review since it was 3 diferent stories and i never actually read this type of comic books, maybe in the next volume i will do this better!

5 stars! 😀


Stay awesome,



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