Sharp Objects Book Review



This weekend i finished “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn. This is her first novel and it’s quite different from her most popular novel “Gone Girl“. After reading “Gone Girl” i got curious about her other novels, i never was into thriller and with her i was kinda of liking it. I had two options: “Sharp Objects” and “Dark Places”. After seeing some reviews i noticed most people don’t like “Sharp Objects” because it’s really dark. I will still read “Dark Places” before seeing the movie. My decision was made after Lindsey Rey video about Gillian Flynn.

As Camille works to uncover the truth about these violent crimes, she finds herself identifying with the young victims—a bit too strongly. Clues keep leading to dead ends, forcing Camille to unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past to get at the story. Dogged by her own demons, Camille will have to confront what happened to her years before if she wants to survive this homecoming.

This is a small synopsis, the one in Goodreads in too big.

I really enjoyed the plot. So dark that is actually amazing. We start in a very strange environment, Camille going home after years of rehab and we don’t understand why. On every chapter we learn something new about Camille or her family.
For a small book we get so much character development. The only thing i have to complain are the big chapters, but that isn’t bad if it’s your thing.

Unfortunately this is one of those books where knowing to much isn’t good. The more you go blind (specially in the character department) the better. Of course that knowing this is a thriller, with two homicides and the mystery surrounding them isn’t bad. Also, this book has some triggers for self-arm, don’t read it if you aren’t ready for something like that. It’s very heavy in the psychological and mental illness department.

So give it a try, it’s the fastest of book until the middle, it has nothing to do with “Gone Girl” so don’t expect something like that. Be prepared for dark subjects and some plot twists.

I gave it 4.7 just because of the slow start!


Spoiler review next! Have you read this book? Do you plan to read it?

How do i start?

First of all, Amma desevers an Oscar now. In the beggining i thought she was the killer, then i was with Camile and saw it was Adora. In the end it was both. Amazing plot really.

Adora, the a strange mother, who is closed in her own world, the one with the need of attention and validation. The most shocking thing for me was the diary entries, when she said the doctor was flirting with her… That and not letting her daughters see her bedroom because of the floor.

Amma the child with problems that extend more than being a killer. She is like that because of her mother and all that attention shes got made her the way she is. Teeth, actual teethes because she wanted a floor just like her mother. That dolls house was hunting… really hunting. She was like her mother. She needed attention.  But Adora wanted attention from other because she was a good person and she wanted validation on that. Amma wanted attention just for her own. She wanted to be loved because nobody really loved her.
The scene where Camille washes her, the way she described every step their mother used to make. I tell you, i really really liked this aspect of the book. Its so dark, then Camille starts to feel bad because she wants to give attention to Amma but doesn’t want to be like her mother.

Not to mention the creepiness of the murders, Amma and her friends did things in such a cruel way i can’t begin to describe how four 13 years old girls can do that…

Camille character is spot on for someone with problems. Her last scene, cutting the last blank space in her body, was intense.
Richard and Camille was an awkward relation so i don’t mind being dropped. With John was even more strange. But, i was happy for Camile, she felt good with herself for once.

Camille is to me, the perfect character. She suffers a lot, she endures a lot but she lives the way she can. She just found out her mother killed her little sister, the one person Camille loved. I can’t express all the feels i have for her.

Hope you enjoyed this review, don’t forget to leave a comment! 😀

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