NerdBlock June Unboxing



Today i bring you my first unboxing of NerdBlock!

NerdBlock is a monthly subscription box to satisfy every nerd needs. Every month is a new theme and for those who don’t like the classical box there is also box theme after Comics, Arcade, Horror and Junior Girls and Boys. It costs 19,99$ plus shipping. Here is what they have in their site:

Nerd Block contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by our team of uber-nerds representing all genres from movies, television, video games, internet, and more! Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectability, and most important – fun factor.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Nerd Block not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else! At Nerd Block we live by our motto: GEEK TESTED

This month was British Invasion! The one reason i finally subscribed, i was eye this box for a long time but never seemed a good time. Let’s start shall we? 🙂


The box came with 6 items. One t-shirt, one poster, a magnet set, one titan figure, a teddy bear and a toy. Because it was British Invasion themed everything was related to the most popular series: Sherlock (t-shirt), Doctor Who (Figure and poster), Mister Bean (Teddy bear and toy) and finally Monty Python (magnet set).

What got my attention was of course the Sherlock and Doctor Who related stuff.


The 10th Doctor is the coolest thing ever! I now have to buy others (Dammit!). The t-shirt size is to big for me but i can work with it. Good thing about NerdBlock is that you can actually change the size for future months, its what i did in my case.


Even though i don’t actually see/saw Monty Python i just know the hype it gets, i did enjoy the magnet set! Can’t wait to put them in the fridge.
The items related to Mister Bean were a childhood memory, a good one. I used to what this non stop when i was young, the Teddy bear has a great quality, it’s real :D. And the toy is funny but nothing i really find amazing.

Overall i really liked the box and can’t wait to get to next month! 😀


I hope you enjoyed this! Have you ever got NerdBlock? What do you think?

Stay awesome,



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