Book Goals to 2015



Since i didn’t actually registered mt book goals to 2015 i decided to write some of them. When thinking about them i had some difficulties because i don’t have a monthly TBR. I read at my own speed and because of work and school (masters degree) there are times i don’t have time to read everyday and there are days i can. But this wasn’t a setback! I

knew a thing, by book buying had to slow down, so i set some rules to book buying (detailed later). Second of all i did almost like an inventory of all the books i had and of those what was a series and if it was complete. This was my second goal. Reading all the series or catching up. The last thing is also related to buying books, but this time is from where i get them. This sums up to only 3 goals!

  1. Buying books only if:
    1. It’s a sequel to a series i already have
    2. I know by fact that book is going to be hard to get
    3. I know by fact i will enjoy it and read it as soon as i can
    4. I have read a lot of books (the number isn’t defined
  2. Reading every series i have in my book shelf and catching up with every series i already have if i want to or the final volume is coming out this year. (I like to marathon my series).
  3. Always try to buy books second hand if:
    1. I just to give a try to the book but i’m not sure i will enjoy it
    2. It’s hard to get
    3. I’m not sure if i want to give full price for this book

My TBR at date
Number of books: 68
Number of series: 7 (incomplete) and 4 (complete)

I guess this is it! I hope you enjoyed this tiny post. Tell me did you set some goals?

Stay Awesome,



2 thoughts on “Book Goals to 2015

  1. Boa ideia! Também preciso de definir algumas ‘regras’ na minha compra compulsiva de livros! Pois tenho pouco tempo para ler, e a biblioteca não pára de aumentar… Ehehehe!


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