Top 5: A Song of ice and Fire Characters

top5got Hello! When i was thinking of a top 5 to do today i was lacking ideas. I don’t actually read a ton of books and most of them are popular so my top 5, even though interesting, it would be very flat. I wanted something different. I started reading seriously about 2 years ago. I read before that but a max of 5 books a year. But two years ago i went to see The Hunger Games and i was so thrilled. I wanted to know more, i could wait, so i picked up the books (all three) and it was like a fire was ignited. 2-3 weeks later i had no more books i was exited about reading so i started watching Game of Thrones. That was the moment my sanity died. The next day i picked up the 10 books (In Portugal the 5 books are divided in 2 each). 2 weeks later i read the first book and i was addicted. Untitled-1 Don’t get me wrong i love Harry Potter and it’s one of my favorite series but has an adult, A Song of Ice and Fire just got me into this world of fantasy so amazing. It’s my favorite series. I talk non stop about this and yes i see the tv-show. Today my top 5 is about ASOIAF (books inspired no tv-show), my top 5 characters (loved). They might be popular but i still love them! I will try to this more times. Next maybe a top 5 dead characters :D. There are some spoilers (maybe?) i will try my best to avoid them! Everyone knows how big this world is and how many characters i had to choose from. Even thought i enjoy more this 5 are the ones i pray don’t die and get a special ending a good one. In other other words, i hope George doesn’t kill them in a cruel way. Do you know how hard this was? Well not the first 2 (i truly love this two) but the rest. I’m not counting the dead (so maybe this is a spoiler?) because i only count characters whose Arc isn’t over and can have influence on something i find important.

Five: Jaime Lannister He as grown so much thought the course of the story. He went from being a cocky and selfish men to the opposite and i have a feeling he will be important to the story, to the game of thrones. I hope he doesn’t die in a stupid way, at least kill him like he deserves. His arc is very different from book to book and the relationships he as with other, and itself, get so more complex with time. The show isn’t turning him in what i know but into something different i just hope they don’t ruin him.

Four: Jorah Mormont *In the books he is not as handsome*. In fourth place it’s my dear Jorah. He is the old and wise best friend someone can actually have. I don’t really see him with Dany but i think it is amazing the devotion he has for her. He is the most loyal and of trust Dany has by her side. His life was miserable, mas we only get to see that in the most recent books because in the start he was just a fresh new characters from which he hadn’t a past. But even with the events of the last books he remains one of my favorites. (i’m not going to even talk about what the tv-show did, i swear to god if he dies…)

Three: Tyrion Lannister This one had to be here. Who doesn’t like Tyrion? This is the character everyone identifies with, he tells the truth when nobody want to heart it, he slaps the king when everybody wants to and so on. He likes to drink and whores, a half men with the wisdom of a old one. Really full of surprises (if you know what i mean, no sex evolved), because this is GRRM favorite character i hope he doesn’t kill him. Oh i forgot, like me he loves dragons soooo i guess that is a plus?

Two: Daenerys Targaryen Everyone’s favorite female kickass main character! Dany is the child who became a women by our eyes. She was timid and quit now she is a queen. Like i said, female kickass. Owns dragons and is secure of herself, everything i would like to have (dragons included of course). The only thing i have to point out is her temperament, she can be very relentless and make decisions without thinking but also feel incapable of ruling sometimes. But this only shows that she is human. Even though she is so popular i don’t like her because she has all the popular traits, i like her because she is important to the story and she thinks well while playing the game of thrones, her brain is what makes her so good. But then she also feels powerless when she compares herself with her family past. You can lame her? You have the mad king, you have princes drinking liquid fire… even her brother was crazy.

One: Jon Snow Jon Snow also known as the bastard of Winterfell. Where do i start? Jon his the bastard son of Eddard Stark, the men who would never cheat on his wife. Jon Snow has the loyalty of his wolf, he is genuine, he knows his duties, he understands how power works and what needs to be done. He defends everyone and gives a chance to the baddest of guys. Jon Snow is everything to me. His arc goes through so much in so little time. He grows so much, i always remember when he actually thought he would see his family again. That was the old Jon Snow, the new Jon Snow is a men who understands life like she is, a bitch. Just like Dany, i get the popularity, but i enjoy his arc because of in influence in the story, specially if you know the R+L = J….

Believe me, there is a LOT more characters that are important and influence the story in a major way.

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