Photography: Students and tradition


Reading wise, this week is just awful. Being a student in Portugal, there is a week in which there is no classes, every night there is Queima (kinda like a festival but different) and some other days there is an event that has some meaning to the students. Today i bring you some photos from Cortejo (parade). In this special event, all students go to the street and do a parade for everyone! To celebrate the year that has passed and if you finished your degree/master you get a special attire.

IMG_1951 Maybe you already know that in Portugal in university we have a special uniform the Traje. It’s no obligatory, it’s just something we can wear to show that we study at the university. There are a ton of articles about it!

All the photos were taken with my 40mm and it’s my first attempt at street photography. I hope you like it!

cotejo cotejo 2


One thought on “Photography: Students and tradition

  1. Olá! Queria-te agradecer por seguires o meu blog! 🙂
    Também vou seguir o teu!

    Eu também tive um traje universitário! O meu tinha a particularidade da capa ser de cor bordeaux e com capuz! Ehehe!


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