Top 5 Books: Surprising Standalone Books


Today i bring you what i hope to be a regular post, top 5. This time Top 5 Surprising Standalone Books.
Since i read mostly fantasy and fantasy is known for his series most of the books are fiction (i’m not going into detail since i will do it later). (this list is bottom up!)

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Next, the reasons why i found this books surprisingly good. Let’s start this!

Top51 (6)

Five: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Mainly because of the hype surrounding Rainbow Rowells books, when i saw a Portuguese publisher was going to publish this one first i got curious. I have in my TBR, because it looks like my kind of thing, but i bought Eleanor & Park and actually really liked it. It’s a really fast read and it touches on some subjects i usually like to read. Even thought it doesn’t evolve a lot. Still, cute and loving history.

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Four: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Why would such a famous book, considered a classic by many, be for me surprising? It has everything to be interesting but i don’t usually go for historical fiction. I like fast paced books, but i promised myself i would only watch the movie after reading the book. Result? I ended up loving this, crying like a baby and wishing other historical fiction books were like this.

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Three: We Were Liars by E.Lockhart
This one is obvious. The hype surrounding this book was so much i think everyone in this world knew the book without even reading it. When i saw it was published in portuguese i literally ran to the store! It’s very easy to read. It took me a day and the chapters are short and addictive. I did almost guess the plot twist ( i had 70% of it!).

Top51 (3)

Two: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
This one almost made the first place! I never read crime thrillers, Never. They don’t usually appeal to me because it takes a lot of world building to get the clues. This was just so gripping! I was on a long weekend vacation and i would stop reading it. It’s tiring, after reading it i had to go for a light read, but so much worth it. I really didn’t expect to enjoy this book but i’m know reading new thrillers thanks to this one!

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One: The Host by Stephenie Meyer
The only fantasy one! This book surprised me because of the stigma Stephenie gained with Twilight.
I read Twilight, i didn’t enjoy it, so when i saw the back of this book and i liked the idea of it i got scared. What if i don’t enjoy it again? This book is massive! I didn’t wanted to spent a long time reading it. But surprise surprise i enjoyed it a ton. So much i recommend to some people (the people who don’t like twilight and judge a book by their cover).
Just like i said before, don’t judge a book by his cover or author. Always give it a try, either buy the e-book or get it from a friend. Sometimes what other people don’t like are kind of our thing 😛

That is all! Have you read any of this books? What did you thought?

Stay awesome,



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Books: Surprising Standalone Books

  1. I’ve been wanting to read We Were Liars and Eleanor & Parkfor such a long time! I do absolutely adore The Book Thief, and really enjoyed The Host -and Gone Girl the movie was insanely intriguing.

    Great post!


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