Book Haul #1


This is very unlike me. I never buy a ton of books at once. I actually never buy more than 3 books a month (aprox.), i can spend months without buying one single book!
But in the last month there was some new books i really wanted and with ‘vacation’/summer time reading i decided to buy them, some of them are old and not new releases. Another reason is because i want to support portuguese publishers but they aren’t very nice to their costumers and stop editing a book completely after just 2 or 3 editions. Then the problems with getting the books later start.

haul04 (1)

I’m all for second hand books (one of them is actually second hand) but when you have few editions of a book that is actually a sequel or an installment in a series the people who have them aren’t going to sell them because they wanted them. This happened to me before with Percy Jackson and some other series, that is why i bought ‘The Lost Hero’ and ‘The son of Neptune’. But let’s see the covers in more detail! I did put the popular cover in each one.

haul04 (10)

Ever since i read ‘Gone Girl’ i wanted to read more from Gillian. I was getting ‘Dark Places’ but one of my new favorite youtubers Lindsey Rey, did an author spot light and because she has similar tastes to mine and she enjoyed ‘Sharp Objects’ more i decided to read this first. It’s second hand but the conditions are really good.

haul04 (9)

I want to read Neil Gaiman for a long time but i was so in other books (hyped ones) i never actually saw we had books by him. But some new youtubers started talking about him and i got really intrigued. Since there are lot of books to choose from i went with the on on sale a few weeks a go!

haul04 (8)

I saw this cover on the publisher website and read the back. Why isn’t more people reading this and talking about this? Standalone novel about a crazy AI game. Can i ask for more? It has good ratings on goodreads so i think this is going to be awesome!


This lot was the one i was more exited. If you saw my review of the Percy Jackson books you know i loved them very much. So when i knew the series was going to be publish in portuguese i had to buy it! Specially after my bad experience with not buying books the minute they are out (underrated books in my country). The covers aren’t the best but it follows the cover of Percy Jackson.

haul04 (4)

First of all, the cover is awful. The original one is so much cooler. But, i really wanted the book. It sounds gruesome and cool. I read the first 10 pages and really enjoyed it. Hoping the publisher really publishes the next ones.


Then, one of the series i really to read for a long time. ‘The Daughter of Smoke and Bone’  First of all, the covers are actually really cool. The original ones are also mysterious and stuff but the Portuguese ones are magical :P. Truly hoping the publisher puts the third book out so i can marathon it!

And that is all! Don’t get used to it! I don’t do monthly hauls, but i will try to do one every time i get some books or a good sum of books.

Did you enjoy the haul? Have you read any of the books? How are they?

Stay awesome,



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