The Maze Runner Movie Review


Today i have the review of the movie “The Maze Runner”. I did my review of the book a days a go in this post.

The movie plot is the same as the book and with the recent good adaptations (divergent and Hunger Games) i thought this was going to be as good as those. But the world building is way bigger so while the book has a time period of perhaps 2 weeks or less the movie is just a few days. Maybe because i read it very recently it felt rushed. Not even mentioning the things they didn’t included or changed all together.

There were some parts i enjoyed that weren’t in the book. Still, this isn’t a good adaptation in the sense they didn’t put some of the important stuff in or changed the way it was. I understand why in some cases (i made a list of a few things i saw were different). On the other side the actors did an amazing job at their characters. Newt and Thomas were very true to the book. Even Alby, but in the movie he didn’t had a crucial influence on the plot. Chuck felt the same it felt in the book and i didn’t enjoy Teresa. Even in the book i felt some difficulty understanding her and in the movie it’s even worse.

Overall, a medium adaptation, that (if you haven’t read the book) might enjoy. 3.5 stars for this one. Maybe the next will be better.


Did you enjoy the movie? *can we please talk about Newt british accent? *.* *
The differences i saw next!

I will do this in a list because it’s easier for you to read and for me to write.

-Chuck and Thomas relation is different from the book. Which i enjoyed since i like them both in the book.
-Thomas is really good friend of Newt from the beginning. In the books they are friends but not so much in the initial chapters.
-Teresa doesn’t call for Thomas just in the first sentence. Still i felt everything was rushed with her plot. They weren’t telepathic with each other.
-Still trying to understand they added the dead griever thing. They really thought the plot from the book was bad? Finding hidden words on the maze patterns?
-She wasn’t in a coma before waking up.
-They didn’t have the cure of the changing before Teresa. So Gally just didn’t like Thomas because.
-The definition of ”hole” if very different, still being a movie its normal they opted for more a logical hole instead of a hole that is invisible.
-Thomas isn’t such a leader in the books as he is in the movie.
-It lacked the hiding scenes. In the movie its very ”action packed” in the book its more scary. The wait the climb everything is worst.
-Gally’s plot is totally different. And everything else to be honest.
-Let’s not talk about the ending, my favorite part in the book was the last page. I felt afraid for them because they thought they were safe. In the movie, once again, everything is tone down in the violence and blood department and full on action packed. Still i liked the shot of the desert in the end.

I know i’m being really minimalist in the review but i think it describes my feelings really well.

Stay awesome,



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