Saga, Volume 3 Graphic Novel Review


This was what i consider a fast reading experience. I was feeling that maybe i was getting in a reading slump and then i read Saga and everything went almost back to normal :). Saga effects.

This volume was so fun, i really enjoy it. The plot is so fast paced and quite fun actually. From all volumes this was the best to me.
It felt like a real continuation, maybe because of the way it goes back or maybe because i read it so recently. I can’t wait to read volume 4, but because i have so much fun reading Saga i always leave it to read in between books i think are going to exhaust me.

The graphics are stunning in this one and the plot is going to places i can’t wait to see. Alana is showing herself even more, she isn’t worried people only see her bad-ass side, but also her motherly side. Marko is Marko, a great guy to everyone. Doing a review of this without spoilers is specially difficult and even worst this is the 3 volume. If you read the previous volumes (1 and 2) you are for sure reading this one!

5 out of 5! Next a short spoiler review!


Did you enjoy this volume? Or are you planning to read it later?

The prince is still the plot hole i feel the curious about. Is he addicted to sex? Or is just sick? This intrigues me so much, just because i don’t get his intentions.

Why did Gwendolyn killed D. Oswald Heist, because i was enjoying the sub plot with Marko mother and him! I actually felt really sad.

And how did Gwendolyn just started loving The Will? Because she didn’t showed signs of it. But i’m happy about it actually.

Well, as i said, its really hard to review a “small” book like this with tons of details but i’m feeling the evolution in some characters, specially Alana.

Stay awesome,



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