Insurgent Movie Review


This weekend i went to see one of my expected book to movie adaptation of the year, Insurgent! Being this a sequel to Divergent i will do a spoiler free review and a spoilery review next.

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

I read the book a long time ago. I don’t remember everything but i remember the important stuff. Still, because this wasn’t my favorite of the 3, my memory made me the favor of deleting important details to observe in a book to movie adaptation.
I did remember the “disk” and a bunch of other stuff i shall detail in the spoiler area.
Overall, i enjoyed the movie, a lot. The special effects added a ton to the feeling of the simulations. At least i enjoyed it, even though the simulations in Divergent felt more real and that gave a real feeling to the movie.

Seeing all the factions to me was one of the high points, Candor and Amity environments are very different from what we saw in the previous film. I did know that in the book they spent a lot more time going to each faction. This was kind of boring, thankfully in the movie they were quicker.

Tris and Four are great together, can’t even tell you other thing. But i know that in the book (books even) their relationship isn’t that relaxed. They fight more, but being some how romantic about this two i liked this slight change.
I didn’t like that Naomi looked so young. She is supposed to be older than Tris and Four, not look exactly the same age. I’m also sorry that other characters didn’t have the main focus on them like Tori, Uriah and Marcus. Still, they did put their attention on Caleb and Peter what i find very important to understand future movies.

I do think it’s a good adaptation, a good movie to be honest. If you liked Divergent and haven’t read the books you will probably like this movie a lot more then someone who read the book recently. If you read the book, keep in mind that books and movies can’t be compared in the same way. Movies are 2 hours long and have a limit of characters you can focus on. Books have how many hours and characters we wish.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, because like i said i really enjoyed it and it gave me the need (need really) to reread the third book.


A spoiler review next!

So, like i said, i don’t remember everything from the books but the main things i noticed were:

– In the book, Tris suffers a lot more from killing Will. She can’t even use the gun to defend herself. In the movie they just glanced over it. She did had nightmares but as soon as she was trialed in Candor, the nightmares stopped.

– Uriah, Tori and even Marcus had a bigger role in everything.

– They did not had sex. They didn’t. As much as i enjoyed that scene, i truly did because it was well done, sex isn’t the main focus of their relatonship.

– Finally, i wish i saw more of Johanna, she is crucial in the third book, even the second. She should have had a bigger role.

Sorry for the not so detailed review but i don’t remember everything. I hope you enjoyed.

Stay awesome,



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