London Trip Part I


Last week i went to one of my favorite cities in the world, London!
It was amazing, everything! From the streets to the people. The life the city has is amazing. I stayed in Soho, the best thing i could do. Every morning the city just went crazy. So many people everywhere so much life. In the night it was complete Chaos, we walked a lot and went on the bus a few times, everyday by 18h, everyone was out.

I’m going to divide my visit in 2 posts maybe, it depends on the pictures. I really hope you enjoy it!


Day one:

Arriving day is always difficult, you have bags and moving in a crowded city with everything behind you is hard.
Because i got there early (14h), we got to the flat and then went to lunch on a pretty nice restaurant next to the flat. It’s called Gig’s and it has a good rating on TripAdvisor.


After a good Fish and Chips, we went to some places that were close and quick to view. We went to M&M’s World, Forbidden Planet and Piccadilly Circus.


You can check my London Haul in my previous post!

Day two:

This day was fill with walking! Because it was a beautiful day we went on Regent’s Park.
Such a nice place to relax and appreciate the sun. This is a BIG park so we didn’t got the chance to see everything just a small part of it.


The biggest surprise by far was finding the set of Sherlock! Yes, i really got there without even noticing it. I recognized the coffee immediately! This such a good surprise. I got so pumped! 😀IMG_0248

Then, because this was the day we walked a lot (by our calculations 20km on foot all day!) we went on King’s Cross, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Big Ben and to finish it off a ride on the London Eye!


Next post Day Three and Four (and maybe five).
Hope you enjoyed, stay awesome,



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