Four: A Divergent Story Collection Review



Today i bring you my review of the four stories in the book Four. This cook is a collection, as a said of four stories, in the world of Divergent as told by Tobias/Four.
This is a new release in Portugal and i decided to do the review in just one post, but by story. Because of this (and hoping you are only reading this book because you read the trilogy) the reviews will not have spoilers but i will comment on everything i find relevant.


The first story follows the day Tobias goes through his simulation and the choosing day. Tobias suffers domestic violence from his father. He hits him with his belt just to not leave marks in his face. So Tobias goes to the simulation already knowing how to manipulate it. Just like his father said. But in the end, after a night of being hit and leaving to the ceremony with scars all over his back, Tobias decides to become a Dauntless and changing his name to what we know him as Four.
I love Four, this story just made me love him even more because we never saw they way he suffered and know we know. We even got a chance to see a little back story of Eric and meeting Amar for the first time! 5 out of 5 starts to this first story.

18668485The second story focus on Four as an initiate (thus the name). The training is not explained a lot because we already know everything from Divergent. Four is very isolated from the other initiates, he just trains both psychically and his fears. Then Amar takes him to socialize with other Dauntless and get a little drunk. Four and Eric’s are still enemies, and everyone see the top will be dispute by the two of them. Close to the end Four sees he is different/special because he can control simulations. Since i don’t want to spoil this ending part i will stop my synopsis here.
To be honest, i only started enjoying this story a lot after Four and Amar conversation about controlling the simulation. Thus the score. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good story before but i just wasn’t interested. The ending is great, and everything starts to follow into place just like we know in Divergent. I gave it 4.4 stars out of 5.

18892134The third story focus on Four finding out about his mom and what happened when she “died”, while being offered a chance to be a leader of Dauntless.
Just like when they are new in Dauntless, Four goes through a set of tests so he can be a leader.
While doing the tests, he finds a note in his flat and decides to goo on the control room and find out who it was that left it there. But he finds something more important, Max is working with Jeanine from the Erudite.
His mother warned him they just wanted someone to control and after some time he see’s it and understands what his mother did say. He ends the novel understanding that we should be fearless, true to each other, smart and good to others. Understanding finally that he is Divergent and Amar died because of that.
I gave it 4.5 starts out of 5, because, even though it wasn’t very fast passed, the plot was very cool and i enjoyed knowing more about Four and how he became the trainer of the initiates.

Now, the final story. Tris finally is in his world! And we got the best scene, when she18080923 shows her his fear landscape. I truly love this scene since Divergent. This stories centers around Four feeling towards is new faction and is old one. He sees what Jeanine and Max are preparing and feels obligate to save his old faction but still understands they hide a lot and aren’t all about truth.
He sees that he is alone in all of this. His mother doesn’t care because she knew it already and his father is still angry at him for changing faction. But in Tris he sees a friend, someone he can trust finally. I truly loved this final story. 5 out of 5.

Overall this book is great for Four\Divergents lovers. I enjoyed knowing more things about Four’s past and understanding his struggles. Because of this i gave it 5 ou of 5. A must read for fans who truly feel interested in this world and this is always a good way to keep this wold a little more alive.(a im so pumped i think i could reread Divergent, belive me i dont usually reread books!)


Sorry for the long review, stay awesome,



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