Love, Rosie Movie Review


After reading the book i could wait to see the movie. It was the first reason why i wanted to read the book. I really enjoyed it but as an adaptation it’s difficult to evaluate.
This are totally different stories! With some likeness between them. Everything was just rushed because you can’t fit 50 years in a movie. The details were there but some many stuff was changed.

The book teach’s how life is, a hard thing we all go through. The movie on the other end, is quick and shows us that things always don’t go as expected.


But we get the visuals of everything we always wanted. Alex and Rosie and the romance at least we got the letter from Alex (the first), and her father letter!

But the good thing is i got the ending i always wanted. They are young and they are together, i know this isn’t the meaning of the book. The book means if something is meant to happen it will happen eventually. The movie just makes you happy right away.  Everything just felt good, but like i said, i judge the movie and the book as different things because of the context i said before.


The main differences i see i consider a spoiler so they will be listed next!

I gave the movie 3.7 stars out of 5, just like the book. But i really loved the actors.Sam Claflin and Lily Collins make a great pair, the chemistry is amazingly good.


– Alex where already in Boston in the prom.
– Brian is the father.
– Sally and Alex did had a baby.
– Rosie married Greg but Greg isn’t the father.
– Bethany and Alex hook up because of her father and her pregnancy.
– Alex went to Rosie’s weeding.
– Alex married Sally and Rosie went.
– Her father died in his 65 in the movie it’s not explicit.
– She opened the hotel very very early (a good change).
– Ruby and Rosie don’t work at a hotel but this was a good change actually
– Alex and Rosie talked a lot more, they talked almost every day.
– Rosie didn’t speak at the weeding with Bethany.
– Toby never kissed Katie in the weeding, still i liked all the scene evolving that because it was great.
– The dancing thing with Ruby was missing but i didn’t mind that.

Stay awesome,



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