Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse Book Review


I’m flying throw this books! I just love them so much, i haven’t loved a series this much in a long time.
As you can see, today i bring you the review of the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. You can find my other reviews here and here, to read the first and second review.


But when you’re the son of a Greek god, it happens. And now my friend Annabeth is missing, a goddess is in chains and only five half-blood heroes can join the quest to defeat the doomsday monster.

Oh, and guess what? The Oracle has predicted that not all of us will survive…

Just like the other two books, i loved this book. So much adventure! This times with a lot more history on God’s and on other characters. I specially liked to know more about Thalia and Zöe (i know we only met them in this book but still, i found them full of mysteries).
The characters grown is so amazing. Percy is no longer a kid but still feels like one. He is just such an amazing role model. The same goes for Annabeth, but in her case she shows how fragile we can be when faced with our past. Luke is her weak spot and will be for a long time.

But i don’t want to spoiler anyone, overall, this book continues the epic adventure this series promises to be, full of new creatures and new past stories (and a ton of God’s!). I can’t choose my favorite from the three i read. 5 out of 5!


I just finished this, this moment. I’m in a rush! I feel like running and going on an adventure. But let’s go in part’s.

Mythical creatures and God’s: In my last review i was happy there weren’t very present. But this one did the opposite. Tons and tons of God’s and new creatures. Artemis, Atlas, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena and so on. The ending scene was amazing, i really like the set up in the Olympus, all the God’s and Bessie. Ladon wasn’t explored a lot but i still imagined a dragon-serpent like creature (i love dragons). And their influence was continuous throw the book, not just in the end. To me this was pretty great. I identified Athena the minute Percy said grey eyes. This kind of details make this reading better for anyone who likes mysteries. I was just sorry to not hear more from the skeleton warriors, because they sounded awesome (scary but awesome). And finally, my favorite bad boy (or might i say misunderstood God) Hades. Nico and Bianca are his? What?! Amazing plot twist, right when i thought that maybe Percy is the Hero the legends talks about.

Source: Valchitsa

The Hunters: I didn’t like the concept of their group. But, this is a middle grade (kind of) so this really makes them think if they would like to abandon everything and fight for a greater cause. Thalia joining them was surprising, because as i read the book i saw Thalia has this really strong but depress girl who just wants her father’s approval. In a way i misread everything and this was evident all through the book.

Percy, Annabeth and Luke: This three are killing me. Percy and Annabeth, cutest thing Ever. Their are such great friends that even if they don’t end up together i love them. Before being a couple we should be friends. And then there was Luke. Annabeth loves Luke because he saved her many years a go and thinks that she can save him. Maybe he suffers a spell from Cronos maybe not. I just see this friendship being torn apart. Percy really saw a friend in him and in each book this relationship dies a little. I really hope Luke makes a run for it and turns out a good heart just like Annabeth thinks.

I hope you enjoyed, my next adventure is a graphic novel. The most hyped one Saga Volume 1. Hope to see you in that review! 🙂

Stay Awesome,



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