Goddess Book Review


Hello! Finally, the last book in the Starcrossed trilogy. A bitter sweet moment.
Just like the last review, the full review is full of spoilers so it’s in the “Spoiler section”.

But if you are thinking of reading this trilogy, know that this was a good ending to the story. It has the epicness of a Greek story, with a pinch of genius decisions.
I gave it four stars, like a 4.3, because even though i enjoyed it, this books aren’t the best. The story is great, very entertaining and you fly through it, but it lascs something i can’t actually point (maybe i’m more into epic fantasy and i’m missing that). This is after all a YA book.


Keep reading if you want to know my full opinion!

The one thing i have to point out that made me sad (this is going so sound so bad) is that nobody died. When i thought Heitor died, my heart just broke, i was so sad and angry at the same time. Like Lucas said, he is the one everyone needs, he is the hero. But nether the less, i like that turn of events. His dead would be the make or break or this battle.
And then, Lucas offers himself for Hades…. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! I understand why, and the reasons but the death of Heitor should have been a marking point in the book. In the end only Matt/Aquiles died and i don’t think that is an important thing.

I really enjoyed this twist, Matt being Aquiles was a good change from the Matt everyone thought he was. And making people choose sides was interesting, he actually had a point. Ari and Claire did what they thought was best. Just like Matt said, if you could go to the past and kill baby Hitler just to save the amount of people he killed, would you? I can’t judge Matt, he believed the prophesy.

Since the moment i read Orion calling Kitty to Cassandra, i knew they would fall in love. I just thought that maybe she would grow quicker.
The only one i actually didn’t enjoy was Andy. I don’t know if it was because i really like Heitor, or maybe because i didn’t saw her as a women. The feel of the book, made me see everyone has a teenager not adults.

Still loving Hades (this might be bad once i continue to read Percy Jackson). He has a great role in the story. The other god’s were AWFUL, just bad gods. But i enjoyed reliving past lives of Helena. It made me understand everything.

Helena in this book was the center, she had and was everything! She was the powerful one, she was the next Zeus. She could even build worlds. I general, she did a good job. She relived her pastselfs and understood what they went through, then made a decision. Turning everyone into “almost-immortal” was a smart and dumb move at the same time. Smart move, because she would never be alone and it would save them. Dumb because, when she was with Lucas and they were talking about immortality she said that she could do that to people. Ok, they can choose when to die, but i don’t think that was a coherent decision.

Finally, Lucas and Helena. Helena really had to wait until the end of book to realize they weren’t cousins? (On that note, Dafne is just bad, i truly truly hate her. She is just so selfish.) At least they ended up together, knowing that life can turn itself around anytime. That is a good ending.

 I was happy with all the character ending. Everyone is living their lives the best they can. Except Ari, i want to believe that eventually she will die of sadness. Overall is a good plot, the best book by far is the second one. This battle was won with action but more with intelligent moves than fight ability (which isn’t bad!). Helena understood her abilities and made the best of it.

Hope you enjoyed the review, and tell me, are my reviews any better?

Stay awesome,



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