Dreamless Book Review


Hello! Long time no see i know.
I didn’t forget about the blog, just got a little overwhelmed with work.
I did see “The Imitation Game” and i’m making a post about it.
But for today we have the review of the second book in the Starcrossed trilogy. I already did the review on the first book, so to avoid spoilers i will not put the summary on this section, only in the spoiler section.

Overall i enjoyed the book, to be honest i enjoyed this one more then the first one. The characters showed a lot of growth i only have to point the secondary plot (new villain) wasn’t my favorite in the beginning. Because this is the second book, i can’t go very further without spoiling everything. So next the spoiler review!

I gave it 4 stars, like a 4.2.


They really don’t know how to do math… And even after Ares and Hades referred Helena’s father, she didn’t thought about that!
I loved Lucas evolution, he went really dark and then started to pick up by the end, without Helena’s help. That just shows that we depend on our self to pick us up, i even think Orion helped him more because of his free spirit (the relation between the 3 of them will be talked about later on the post).

Speaking of Orion, i just love him. He remembers me of someone really close to me.
During the book he just showed everyone your life doesn’t make who you are. He had an awful life but has such hope on everything. He and Heitor, for me, are very alike. Heitor is just more aggressive than Orion.

Even though Helena is ‘alone’, there are couples everywhere. What i felt during the book was that everyone was going on with their life when in the first book everything centered around Helena and even with her being the only Descendor she didn’t felt like the center.
To be that is amazing, because what made me backtrack a little in the first book was all the attention she had. Now she has a mission! The only one i could stand was Jasao, c’mon… Claire is a adult! He just treats everyone is a really bad way.

The Portugal reference was the coolest thing ever. I never in million years though any author would think about my own country.

I’m loving Hades… (this sounds so bad) but it looks like he is the only one not wanting a war. He is the one who gives the shadow power so why does Lucas has it? I really want to know more about it.

To be honest, i don’t even see the love triangle. The relationship between Helena and Orion, too me, is like a really close friendship. Is there attraction? Of course, that is not something you don’t feel of your friends, because it’s a natural thing between humans. We just rationalize our feelings. It’s just she said, with Lucas she can be herlself, with Orion she can be who ever she wan’ts. To me, there’s where the line is drawn.

I already started the 3rd book. Then i will do the review of the final book in the series.
Hope you enjoyed the review.

Stay awesome,



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