Exodus: Gods and Kings Movie Review


EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS retells the biblical story of Moses, who, according to the book of Exodus, suffered near death during infancy, was adopted into the Egyptian royal family, defied the Pharaoh, freed the Hebrews and parted the Red Sea. (AMC)

Hello! On Sunday i went with my parents to the movies. My dad wanted to see Exodus and i wanted to see The Hobbit. We ended up seeing Exodus (you can see that). Before i star the review, please know that despite me being Buddhist, i respect every religion and try to learn the best that i can of each one. I’m not here to discuss religion or what is best, just to review a movie that is inspired in biblical events.

 This movie reminds me of “The Prince of Egypt” (1998). At first, (without reading further into The Book of Exodus) i thought this was like an adaptation. Then, after i got home, i did some research, needing to know if this was a good adaptation of what it says it’s (The Book of Exodux). Most of this comes from different sources, so correct me if i say anything wrong.

The Book of Exodux is second book  of the Hebrew Bible, and of the five books of the Torah. It tells us the story of how Moses free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and lead them to the land of Canaan (the “Promised Land”) in return for their faithfulness, with the guidance of  Yahweh, the God who has chosen Israel as his people.
exodus-gods-and-kings-movie-still-8Moses was an Egyptian prince adopted by the Pharaoh’s sister after being found as a baby in the Nilo river. His mother secretly hid him when the Pharaoh,being afraid of a prophecy told by Egyptian priests of a messianic deliverer among the Hebrew slaves, ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed.
After killing an Egyptian slavemaster, Moses fled across the Red Sea to Midian, where he encountered the God of Israel speaking to him from within a “burning bush”. After speaking with him, Moses returned to Egypt so that he could free the Israelites and lead them (as told before). He took them to the border of Egypt, but there God hardened Pharaoh’s heart once more (after subjecting Egypt to ten plagues), so that he could destroy Pharaoh and his army at the Red Sea Crossing as a sign of his power to Israel and the nations.

This is the guideline for the movie. Some differences i spotted:
– Moses discovers his identity after a visit to the slave camp.
– Moses didn’t kill a slavemaster, Ramesses upon discovering the true identity of Moses exiled him on the desert. Moses walked around and crossed the Red Sea and settled for 9 years in a village near Mount Horeb where he had a family of his own. Later (after the 9 years) he climbed Mount Horeb where he found the “burning bush” and the God of Israel took the form of a human child to talk to him.
-Ramesses took of after Moses because of revenge (at least that was what i understood of it)

Without knowing a lot about The Book of Exodus, you can really enjoy the movie. It isn’t fast paced. It starts with a battle andexodus-gods-and-kings-2014-hd-stills-wallpapers you think that would set the mood for the rest of the movie but it doesn’t. The battle scene takes a lot of time to happen.
This is a story, a good story but never the less, with good special effects and good character growth. Moses and Ramesses are very close in the beginning, act like brothers and Ramesses is always a little jealous of Moses.

The acting in this movie is on point. Both Bale and Edgerton do an amazing job. But i have to say, the big flaw for me was the camera work. Stunning visuals but then the camera work on the actors fail. One time it even shake for a long time.

About the ending i can’t say much. It was a 2 and half hour movie and i still thought they didn’t plan the ending like they should. I would really like to see Moses dead and if he could find Canaan. (I found my answer later).
I ended up giving it 3.8 because of the camera work. Adaptation wise i can’t say much because i don’t know a lot more about the baseline for the movie.


If you see this movie has a non-believer on religion itself, don’t judge  it without understanding what is behind it. If you are a believer just understand the movie industry and don’t flame on (some humor in here please! 🙂 )

Stay awesome,



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