An Abundance of Katherines Book Review


(This review is some what different. I noticed my older ones and i don’t really like them. Even though i saw some evolution on my writing, things are not getting better. I’m always all over the place. This is a chance to change it!

From now on, i’m going to the the review while i read the book. First impressions, middle one, etc. Ending with one solid review!)

Hi there! Hope you doing fine and the holiday seasons are just has good! Today i bring you a John Green book, the second one on this blog. But it’s the 4th book i read by him.

An Abundance of Katherines is about Colin Singleton who wishes to accomplish his goal of becoming a “genius” by having a Eureka moment. As well as not being the genius he hopes to be, his girlfriend, Katherine XIX, recently dumped him (over the span of his life, Colin has dated nineteen girls named Katherine, all spelled in that manner). In these relationships, Colin remembers only the Katherine dumping him.

If you read any book by John you notice a pattern, not necessarily a bad one because he writes for his fans and his fans most of the time fit in this pattern (not judging you! i fit in there too).
Colin is smart, a “genius”, misfitted , kinda of anti-social. Not because he want’s to but because no one “understands him” (according to him). This is where the pattern (to me) starts. In “Looking for Alaska” almost the same thing happened. But where the knowledge is more mathematical and on “Looking for Alaska” is last sentences and the meaning of life. Oh, and of course we have the road trip. Something like “Paper Towns”. Once again, i’m not against it. I like John and i understand that he writes to his fans.

This book is full of lessons. In a good way. I want to leave some of the lessons i got.
-Do things because you love them, not because you have to hit certain goals, set by other people. Colin was the kid most of parents want to be brilliant His father wanted him to be what he never was. Creating exceptions for him, wrong ones, hard ones.

-We can be whatever we want, except what we already were. This one i don’t want to explain, it is self explanatory but read the book to find why this is such a cool lesson to learn.
I have a few more but i think this ones are spoiler free, the other are kinda of spoilery.
I ended up giving 4 starts to this novel. But it’s more like a 3.7. Not bad, i enjoyed it. Of the 4 books i read from  John, this one is on third. Being the first “TFIOS” and the second “Looking for Alaska”. I really enjoyed Hassan. I’m starting to think i have a pattern, i always enjoy the friend of our main character a lot more. He brings light to the book and (being the nerd i’m) i loved the math. That was so fun, trying to understand all of the calculations and everything. A nice touch to all the plot. I still have some questions relating to Holis  (Lindsey’s mother).


I hope you liked this review, i think this one is a little more organized than the previous ones. More of this review next!

Colin and his ”being important” motto remembers me of our dear beloved Gus (Augustus Waters, in case who haven’t read “The Fault in our stars”). But being a little selfish, it remembers me of Quentin (from “Paper Towns”). Hassan is such a great friend to Colin and he keeps thinking of himself. When Hassan snaped i was like “Finally!!” someone sees things a little more clear.
After that, Colin did changed in some way. He changed in a sublet way. Really enjoyed that evolution.
He started has a egocentric boy, who was hurt by not being what everyone around him wanted him to be. Each Kat wanted him to be somebody else, his father wanted him to be a genius. He ended up feeling empty inside. I felt his growing process during the book. Not because of Lindsey or Hassan but because of everything that happened that made him see that what is to come is more important then what happened.

Another lesson i didn’t explain in the spoiler free section was one i think is universal through John book’s. Never judge  somebody by what they look or do around you. Lindsey was just like Colin, feeling empty inside. She just choose to hide it.

Finally, the last lesson. Don’t rely on memories alone. Memories are from the past and your mind can manipulate them just so you can believe in whatever you want. We could see that with Colin and the K-3 dating theorem.
Easy book to read, light read. A ”cute” story about growing up and changing ourselfs with the help of those you are closest to us.

Stay awesome,



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