Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Book Review



Today i bring you an exiting review. I know what you are going to say, “Hey in h*ll haven’t you read Percy Jackson before??”. Well, i never read like this before, my max was 5 books a year maybe? In the past 2 years i read approximately 50 and i started with a big Game of Thrones marathon! So yea… i delayed Percy for a long long time. But now i finally read it and i love it! 😀

Percy is a 12 year old boy with problems of dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. He doesn’t do well in school, he finds it difficult to read and is always getting in trouble. Sometimes he even has this “dreams” that are very real for him but no one else remembers it.
One day his Math teacher transforms into a monster and he manages to defend himself with a sword. But no one remembers the Math teacher. But the monster asked Percy for the Lighting, when his Latin teacher and friend know this, help Percy get to the only place where he can be safe. But what was stolen? What was that monster? Percy goes on an adventure to retrieve the stolen item and find somethings about the world and his life.

The summary isn’t the best i know, i find it difficult to tell thing without going all spoiler mode on. The book center around Percy, his friends and the adventures to come. With a lot of Greek Mythology in the mix. To me that was great, i love Greek mythology and it was so fun to learn new things.
The book is very fast paced, not in the beginning. I picked up the pace around the 5 chapter.
The writing material is age appropriated, not hard to understand but the Greek information is quite a lot at some points.

Because i saw the movie first (i know understand how bad it’s), i was already spoiled on the ending, but i wasn’t let down by a thing. The book is amazing, the adventure is so fun. The supporting characters are just as important and useful.

Great for any age, read it if you didn’t.
A full 5 starts.


Next a more spoilery review.

I can’t express my feelings about this book. I loved it, really did. I felt this rush to read it, i wanted to know what happen to Percy, Annabeth an Grover.
I like the innocent friendship between them and the plot was so cool ( i sound like a teenager).

Greek mythology is, has i told before, one of my favorite thing. That was what made me pick up this series.
The ending left me wishing that the next book was already in my hands. I’m very excited for the next to come.
The Cronos plot, the prophecy’s and the drama between gods and demigods are very compelling.

I truly believe cronos is trying to get back to life and destroy the Olympo. I just wish there where more Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. I like them, each in his way.
One of the parts i enjoyed the most was the description of Hades. The gardens, the torture.
When Percy said, “it’s sad that so little people do good in life”, that quite true. You don’t need to believe in God or Gods to do good in life. That part was my favorite of all the book just because we could see very thing has it’s. There was old people, new one’s. Every one goes to the same place. Really touching moment for a 12 year old boy.

Until i get my hands on Sea of Monters i have to read something else. Still haven’t choose.

Stay awesome,



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