We Were Liars Book Review


I finally put my hands on We Were Liars by E. Lockhart!
I read it in so little time, this book made me so curious at every chapter. Every time i stopped reading one i will be: just one more, the next is so little, just one more. Then i realized i was already half way… To me this is a big deal! (to be fair, the book has really big font!)

If you read anything about this book, by now you know to go into it blind. I maintain the same opinion. I loved going in so blind. Everything is new and you don’t know what to expect. So, this spoiler free review is going to be so tiny tiny small… Because i can’t say a thing :P. Just read the book, it’s a mystery, nothing over extraordinary but a good one!

I gave it 5 stars, short book great story.


Next, my spoiler review! Read it at your own risk!

I was happily surprised! This book is very hyped and usually i don’t feel the hype or the hype kills my experience with the book or i follow the hype. In this case i i’m in the middle of not feeling the hype and following it.
I enjoyed the book a lot! kept on reading and reading but i don’t feel like it’s the greatest thing ever written.

The story is really cool. I was on the edge because i wanted to know what went wrong. The imaginary people were a final i had in mind but i never imagined it was a fire that killed them.
The plot is very very well constructed, rich family that lives for appearances. Kid’s that are spoiled and don’t understand what exists around them. They don’t even know their maid’s names.
And the mothers… They had every opportunity to do some thing but they were so worried with the  heritage of material things. Hiding their feelings and buying new things to bury the old memories.

I understand now why there was nothing in the house when Cady asked her grandfather, but i noticed that the stories she wrote were very much real.
He lost his daughters to the ”dragon” that is life, is the fault of him or life?
He made his daughters hate each other because of pearls and earnings and pillows. In the material way, this book is amazing. It shows the true face of money, evil and perfect families.

And then, we see Cady for what she really was, at least me, i always saw Mirren and Johnny as ”spoiled” kids. They didn’t understand nothing around them. Actually the 4 of them, when it was summer they forgot everything about the rest of the world. I didn’t want them to always be sad because little kids don’t have nothing to eat but just the fact that they didn’t even communicate off summer.

But my conclusion is, they were what the family had made of them and the little kids will be exactly the same. They are the product of years of neglect, of trying to be the best.

“Be normal, don’t cry. Go tell him you love him.”

When they set fire to the house, they being rebel but seeing the things how they are. If there isn’t anything to inherit they will not fight any more or even bother us. But they were only 15. They didn’t understood the risks. The wine didn’t help.

She forgetting everything and trying to remember is quite hurtful (but got to tell you, the first time she sees them and describes them has being exactly like in the 15 summer was a sign!). Imagine losing your best friends because you had the idea to set fire to everything? But understanding it wasn’t only your fault.
Everything she did, it was alone.  The jump, living alone and the roof.
I remember when the Liars were jumping to the water and Cady said, always do the things you afraid of. And Mirren just cried. Because that was they all said before they died.

The roses… Gat left her roses. That was sweet.
But then i too remembered that Cady send things to their houses during the 16 summer. Imagine how their mother reacted.
The thing i never actually understood was Johnny mother always being up at night. Because she could sleep? Because she drank too much? I don’t thing it was well explained in the book.

Overall, this review is so mixed, i lost myself in the middle of it. Sorry. Not pro yet!

Hoped you liked the review and keep on reading every silly post of mine 🙂

Stay awesome,


PS: Maybe, just maybe! I will write a cookie recipe Monday.


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