Scarlet Book Review


Hello! How are you guys?

I finally (yeah…) finished Scarlet! The second book in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, the first being Cinder.
I’m glad i jumped in this bandwagon now. If you didn’t read the first one why are you even reading this? (true reader of the blog :)) just kidding.
This book center’s in a new character, Scarlet Benoit, 18 years old girl from Rieux, France. She always lived peacefully in her grandmother farm but one day she (grandmother) disappears without a trace. While trying to find her grandmother she knows a charming and mysterious boy named Wolf. Then their adventure starts!

This review is going to be very character driven, because i have have an opinion on everyone!
But plot wise, this novel fits perfectly in the continuity of the first book. We get to find what happened to Cinder and (in some way) Kai with the addition of a new story line connected to the first one.
I i’m quite intrigued by some things, for example why they remove the identification chips from the dead? Is it to give them to Levana?. I feel like it wasn’t directly answered and what about the deadly plague? I guess they mention it but i think it’s such an important thing because it was the focus of the first book.
But ok, they added the secret army something they only talked about on book one.
I’m glad they explored Cinder story and how she came to Earth in the first place and where they turned her into a cyborg. That was the highest point of the book for me. I like the line the plot is going into. I really do, they are kind of making a team, with everyone being so different from each other. I specially like Throne. He is by far (FAR!) the best character, he made me love the book each time he talked. Sarcastic with a good heart.

To finalize the spoiler free review. I think this is a great book to read at every age. Very easy to read and fast pace especially from 1/3 to front. A great sequel, and i think i might enjoyed this one a little bit more, just because i got to know a lot more about Cinder, and the author didn’t spare on the ”gory” description. (WARNING FOR KIDS!)
4.0 starts o this one, just because i actually didn’t like the love story between Wolf and Scarlet (very “instalove” to me, still a good guilty pleasure to read).


Stay for the spoiler review! I will do each character but with some spoilers (or minor).

Well, let’s start this. There will be no particular order in the characters.

Cinder: Cinder was great in this book, she acted just like a teenager sometimes and other times like an adult. I feel that is something real because she is like that. She was afraid of ruling or what might happen if she went to Doctor Erland and she was right, everything could just collapse. So, deciding to go look for Michelle Benoit, was a great idea. Before you make a plan you have to understand things and Cinder didn’t understood what it meant by her being Serene. Marissa Meyer explored this very well, as did she the powers part. Cinder is new to this and doesn’t understand. But she questions the morality of making other people do thing they don’t wan’t to. great lesson! Should she do it just because she is doing good? Maybe Levana thinks the same thing, the good for Lunar people. The romance is well portrayed, they never actually dated (Kai and Cinder) but she feels what people that are in love feel, affection. They both feel. That’s why, couple wise, i like them more.

Kai: We heard very little of Kai, things haven’t changed a lot in his world. The war is just worse and he has to find a plan to stop it. He is a lot less vibrant, he keeps thinking that he should hate Cinder, but he doesn’t. Everyone around it is trying to find her at every cost, he doesn’t mind she even appears. But he does show the true leader he is. He is capable of giving up his life just to spare the life of his people. I don’t think he is thinking correctly, CIider is right, Levana is going to kill him. But i hope everything will end up good.

Scarlet: Scarlet is a curious character, i do like her in somethings, but the love part… C’mon ‘i can’t fall in love with him, he is too dangerous.’ Feels in love.. Sometimes she shows a true courage and individuality, like when she was in the bar, right at the begging. Where is that by the ending? By the ending she is just focused in Wolf. But there is some home, in the ending when she says to Cinder that the death of grandmother will not be in vain, that got my hopes up for the Scarlet i liked! The romance with Wolf…. I was starting to like it, but then… INSTALOVE!. I don’t like it a lot. It’s a guilty pleasure, but this is a series and instalove will bring drama… i don’t like drama. But let’s wait maybe it gets better.
Finding out Scarlet has Lunar blood in her was so cool. I felt in that moment that everything was connected and i imagined scenarios in my head. Really good thing to do.

Wolf: I can’t say much about him, we don’t know him very well. But i don’t fell the animal thing going on. At least he is changing.

And finally my favorite character by far! And the one who takes the trophy for more funny.

Throne: He is great there isn’t anything more to say. I really hope he becomes more important in the next book.

I hope you guys enjoyed this long review!

Stay awesome,



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