Where She Went Book Review


Second book review in a few days, i guess this is good…

Hello! I finally got my hands on the sequel of If I Stay, Where She Went! I devoured this book just like i did the first, it’s a easy read but really good one to.

This book follows Adam perspective after Mia choice. He is a changed man, 3 years older and a rock star, his band, Shooting Star, is internationally famous but Adam doesn’t feel  like a rock star anymore. We get to go along with him during his last night in New York, the same format as the first book. This is a sequel so i don’t wan’t to give you any spoilers, i better leave the summary at this.
Unfortunately i can’t do a full review without some spoilers, i will analyse the feelings Adam has and why he doesn’t feel like the rock star he is. The full review will be, as always, after the star rating.

Adam is a different man, if you loved him in If I Stay because he was such a care-free and happy person, he isn’t that anymore. The relationship with is band is on the rocks and he doesn’t have friends to lean upon.
Through the book he expresses his feelings and why he feels trapped in this persona he created. He feel disconnected from the thing he once loved the most, music. The feeling of entrapment, of resentment from his feelings is constant and he doesn’t understand why he feels like this, this makes him angry at life.
Reading from his perspective was a little different, but this book almost feels like a stand alone. There are a lot of information about the previous book and everything is well explained. Of course, if you didn’t read If I Stay, i don’t think you will have the same feeling has i (for example).
I don’t feel like this book e absolutely necessary but is a good closure for the story. Because, independently of Mia choice i wanted to know more. What about next? I guess Gayle Forman understood that maybe a closure will be fine and i actually enjoyed the following story. Not that i ”understand” perfectly but i understand in some ways (this was trippy….)

I gave it 3.5 stars, because, with information i don’t actually care (and repetitive and i actually don’t agree 100% with everything written), the feelings expressed by Adam are real and sometimes people tend to forget that choices not only affect us but also our love ones.


Next, a more detailed review!

So… How did you feel after knowing that Adam and Mia aren’t together?
I actually felt weird because i didn’t understood it until almost the end. I felt like Adam the whole time, asking myself why Mia why? 3 years is a long time, really long time and just stopping talking to our boyfriend isn’t a good breakup method.

I understand Mia, i usually don’t do things because i feel like the other person is getting away and doesn’t need me. But in this case i think Mia didn’t do the right thing. Maybe if she was honest since the beginning, or maybe just stop talking for a few months and them talk to Adam. This was the affect choices have in our life’s i was talking about (and Mia eventually saw it too). While she was angry because everyone was sorry for her, she forgot that Adam suffered too.They just grown apart because of this and because they didn’t know how to act after everything.

But i’m glad Mia saw everything clearly. Of course she blamed Adam for staying. He was the reason she stayed and he didn’t kept his promise because he didn’t let Mia go, he needed her and wasn’t prepared for letting her go like he promised but he wasn’t ready to forget his life for her like he said.

This was what bugged me during the all book (and the first!) why did they always thought they couldn’t have both world’s?
Did they needed 3 years to understand that if you like someone you do sacrifices? Distance isn’t impossible is difficult. So i was happy they finally understood that their happiness has a couple depended of them and not of their choices.

The only thing i have to point out, the book is good but there is a lot and i mean A LOT of the same thing! For example, Adam is always mad and we read the same description of feelings through the book. It felt repetitive, the 3.5 stars are due to the feelings in a distinct way. But mostly because i still don’t get why they broke up like that.

Hope you liked the review and if you read If I Stay you should read Where She Went!

Stay awesome,

Viviana Batista


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