The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review



(As 90% of this world) I saw Mockingjay this weekend and i’m gonna add my review to the amount there is already on the internet! ūüėÄ

I read The Hunger Games trilogy about 2 or 3 years ago. Love it, no need to express the joy it gave me. I was in a big BIG reading slump and this books brought me back to the world of reading. For me, the books were never about the romance, was about the war and the political crisis a population can you through. (Yes, i enjoyed the romance of course)

SS_D8-3267.dngIf you don’t know what The Hunger Games is all about: Katniss lives in a world devastated by war. After the war, Panem, raised and was divided by districts, each responsible for one job/material. Katniss is a 16 years old girl who lives for her sister and mother in the poorest district.
Every year, Panem organizes The Hunger Games, where 24 young and brightest,between the ages of 12 Р18, of Panem fight till the dead, there shall be only one winner.

In the first book/movie, Katniss sister get’s choosen to play in the games, but Katniss¬†volunteers for her. And from where it starts the Hunger Games as we know it.

If you read the books, you know the third book isn’t the best of the three. So being divided into 2 parts is just a marketing decision. I was expecting the 1st part to end like it did, the same applies to the material on the movie it self.
Katniss had just leave the second games and Peeta isn’t with her. She feels lost and hopeless, but she has to stand up because she is the Mockingjay (even if she doesn’t want that).Coin_+_Heavensbee_in_Mockingjay

In this part, we follow Katniss in the hands of District 13 President Coin. She want’s to start a war¬†and the only one she needs is Katniss. Coin has the help of Plutarch, former gamemaker for the Capitol.

Their decision is to film a series of propaganda to encourage other rebels to fight, so they give Katniss her own camera crew.

I’m not going in more detail since i feel that would be spoiling it.
Has an adaptation i enjoyed it, since the 3rd book isn’t my favorite i think the changes made to the book are welcome. We never got to see a lot of stuff in the novels, they just sort of happen.

Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job as Katniss, but the best actor was BY FAR Josh¬†Hutcherson. Peeta is my favorite character and Josh showed the evolution Peeta goes through.¬†Sam Claflin continued the good work and i enjoyed Effie and Haymitch, i always see them has the humor/grounding characters, is always good the see 2 characters that don’t have the spotlight being so good at what they do. Of course¬†Philip Seymour Hoffman and¬†Julianne Moore, did also an amazing job. I don’t want to extend a lot on them since i think both characters will be going to be major in future films.

We have a new crew this time and Natalie Dormer is included! I don’t want to¬†underestimate the other but i was expecting a lot from her. She did her job well, and Cressida was brought to life in a very meaningful way.

The important message to retain from this movie is the political message. The revolution that happened because people wanted it to happen! Giving their life for the best of a cause they didn’t even understood completely. I feel this image is just a reflection of our society, not right now but in years to come. Never forget, everything around us is out of our control even if we don’t see that. That is what Katniss represents to everyone, even if she is controlled by Coin. (at least this movie)

I gave the book 4 stars, but the movie is more like a 4.5. The thing that was on point was the action. In the book there is almost 0 and the movie had plenty!


Now for the spoiler review!

Let’s start with the ending! PEETAAAA ūüė• My Peeta…. I gotta tell you, in the book the revelation of Peeta being mad was something chocking. I really like Peeta and i felt exactly like Katniss, i felt like i lost him. But everything was done perfectly! And thank god they did the rescue scene! In the book Peeta just appears and we don’t get the action behind it.

This also applies to the transmissions that happened. We could see Peeta getting worse very time. This brings me to the part where Katniss and Peeta saw district 12.
The view of thousand of people dead in the ground just left there… very shocking in a good way because we could feel like Peeta and Katniss, seeing for the first time like that.

Finnick spilling all of his secrets and telling the world he was used by Snow was overwhelming too. If you read the books you know that, if Katniss didn’t had Peeta, she would be exactly like Finnick. I love Finnick because of that, he never let it destroy him, he used it to make him stronger. I’m really sad he didn’t get much attention but it was true to the book.
The humor was a breath of fresh air, Effie and Buttercup, thanks Francis. I shall not talk about Gale! Just kidding, i really was surprised with Gale the time, i had forgotten how he has changed! Even Katniss saw it. He doesn’t just loves Katniss, he feels he has an even bigger role and he has. Saving Prim was just a spark of what he actually like’s to do.
And please let’s talk about Joanna! When i saw her in the bed… I wanted to cry. Why didn’t they gave her more attention?!

As i said before, the movie has an important political message and that is what we should understand. Never judge a book by his cover, never judge someone without understand what is behind it. If we see with attention, Katniss is being controlled like she always had been. First was the Capitol and now President Coin. I really want people to see that Katniss is capable of and i’m very sorry that it’s only going to happen in the final movie.

Stay awesome,



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