The Perks of Being a Wallflower Book Review



Just finished reading The Perks of being a Wallflower. It’s my second read in english and i didn’d find it hard.

So, let’s talk about this amazing book!
We meet Charlie from the begging. He is a “normal” boy who is just afraid because it’s is first year in High School so he starts writing to “us”. We don’t know a lot about him in from the start, we just notice that he thinks a lot and over thinks a lot of stuff.
Over the course of the book we start to see Charlie develop friendships and discover that maybe he is something different from the rest of the world. Finally, we find the reason he is so different and why he over analyses everything. I don’t want to do any further description since i guess is better to go some what blind folded.

I don’t understand why isn’t this book published in Portuguese. To a middle grader, or a teenager or even an adult, this book is amazing. It makes you think of everything around you and how you live your life. It describes post-traumatic stress and (in some sort of way) depression, very clearly.
I gave if 5 stars of course.


I would like to go over a few things a got from the book. (i just finished yesterday, so this is like a very fresh review). Nothing from here is a spoiler, but the ending is in there too so please be aware. I do want you to read some of the things so i will put some of them above the spoiler line!

The thing that defined me more in this book and made me think of the behavior of people was this quote: “We accept the love we think we deserve”. I know this is the most popular quote (other then “We are infinite”) but i don’t know. I never really thought about it that way, i always understood that as a human we behave like we think we should and i analysed that behavior, but i never actually thought about the “love” we accept. Maybe was the context of the quote but this really stayed with me. Now i tend to analyse the behavior of a person and the people around her and how her behavior changes.

This leads me to the next topic, how we see the world versus how the world see’s us.
We choose what to show other’s but we don’t choose how they see it. Someone might be shy but don’t show it to the rest of the world. But that might not be what people see. Has humans we create this idea over the people we like or someone we just met. I feel a lot like that some times, i have an idea of someone but that is not the real someone. This is just like a poison to the mind, a way of tricking us, making think that if we “had” that someone life would be perfect because that someone is perfect in our eyes.

This also applies to friends and being the friend Charlie is. At the end Sam describes to Charlie what he actually his. This made me think that, even though Charlie analyses everything he never analysed himself because he knew that if he did it, it would end up badly.
Everyone has that one friend, a Charlie, that hears us and never asks questions. But that isn’t a friend, that is someone that it’s there for you. I understood that Charlie was like that, he didn’t know how to act so he acted like he thought was good. Like not telling secrets (something he is proud of), letting Patrick kiss him even though he didn’t wanted, letting Mary do everything she wanted and talking non-stop and so on. This happens a lot along the book.

Like 90% of the readers i feel like Charlie, i understood everything he went through (except the post-traumatic stress reason, i never went to a thing like that). The way he described the feeling of nothing, everything being abstract. I truly think this was a well written depression feeling. The ending was good, the good we want to see in this case. Knowing that everything will be alright even if we have to try really hard.

I hope you enjoyed the review.

Stay awesome,



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