If i Stay Movie Review



Today i bring you, finally, the review of If i Stay – movie.

I loved the book but i loved the movie so much.
It follow the book very closely even the ”vibe” the book gave us. The flashbacks between the events in present time makes the viewer feel exactly what Mia is feeling and all the process of choosing it’s required.

Mia’s parents are amazing, just like the book and for me that was even more devastating. I loved that family and i felt even more heart broken. Every detail i remembered so well was there, the music, the family lunches, even the washing dishes with mom just to relax. I felt heart broken with their death. Just because i felt exactly like her, what would i choose?
The flashbacks of her childhood weren’t as frequent (because they focused on Adam, i will leave this to the end) but they included it.

DSC_2504.NEFThe scenes in the hospital were very real but they didn’t kept the all “inviting-a-rock-star-and-doing-everything-they-can-to-see-Mia”. That was something i didn’t mind but i just kept thinking about non-readers. That is a fun part in the book, something to take the pain and sadness away for some time, if you only saw the movie it would be quite boring without that.
At least the nurse was “bad” :).
One other part that really made me revive the book was her grandfather visit. Chloe did a really good job on that part. I felt Mia and i felt her grandfather.

On the Adam and Mia relationship… i never really like ”romantic” thing but this time… i really enjoyed it. All of the problems their relationship go through were there and that was what made me like them in the first place. They did focused a lot in thei relationship but i don’t mind. I missed the flashback with the explanation of Mia and Kim friendship, but they did passed some bonding moments between them.ifistay

Over all i loved the movie and i loved Chloe and Jamie performance. As well as Mia’s parents. Mireille Enos and Joshua Leonard.

(Just a note, i wish i looked has good as Chloe!) Chloe and Jamie have amazing chemistry and i was really happy they kept the ending just like in the book.

Next in my TBR is “Where she went” and i hope that they end up together because i need a good happy ending just about now!


Hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to watch this amazing movie.

Stay Awesome,



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