Tales of Dunk and Egg – The Mystery Knight Novella Review



Finally after such long time i bring you the review of the final novella. To be honest this month my reading has been in a slump. I enjoy reading but i have so much thing to do and time doesn’t stop. I already have the books i will be reading next and hopefully i will do better this month.

So, Dunk and Egg on their final adventure discover a dragon egg is being given to the Knight who win a tournament in honor a wedding. Dunk decides to go to the wedding and befriends three fellow hedge knights.
Being Egg, Eggs starts to believe the tournament is only made for traitors because everyone in there fought for Daemon Blackfyre the bastard son who tried to take the throne away.Dunk decides to enter the first match of the Whitewalls tourney as a mystery knight but with Egg’s warning of his shape and lack of training in the last years.

Dunk decides to still go and end’s up in a bad shape. The opponent lance hits Duncan upon the helm, knocking him out and nearly killing him. Dunk recovers later and goes to give his armor and horse as forfeit. Since Dunk cannot ransom it back he is in a glum mood. Dunk talks to Underleaf (his opponent) and Underleaf informs Dunk that someone bribed him to try and kill Dunk in the final tilt, Underleaf states that if they paid more he might have completed the task, but tells Dunk he has an enemy.

From this point on you are trying to understand who the enemy is and why he wanted Dunk dead.

I enjoyed the novella but the second one is still my favorite. Egg is a lot more active and present in this one, has he makes his will have some value to Dunk and everyone around him. They talk a lot more about dragons but you if don’t have good memory or read very rapidly you will loose thread. You get tons of names and tons of history and is hard to keep up.

As always G.R.R. Martin does a great job and now i want to read more ASOIAF.

Gave it 4 starts,


Stay awesome,

Viviana Batista


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