Tales of Dunk and Egg – The Sworn Sword Novella Review



Just finished the second novella in the Tales of Dunk and Egg, The Sworn Sword.
Like the first one, in this novella we follow Dunk and Egg a year and a half after the events of The Hedge Knight. Dunk has sworn his sword to Ser Eustace Osgre. We also meet Lady Rohanne which is quite beautiful. The two of them are fighting for the right to the river and has Lady Rohanne blocks it, Ser Eustace sends his knights to defend his honor. The other knight is Ser Bennis, a old and bad knight. Has they come to Coldmoat Ser Bennis starts a fight and Lady Rohanne wants revenge. The way it turns out is something you have to find for yourself ;).

Has you can imagine, Dunk feels attracted to Lady Rohanne but because isn’t high born, he can’t marry her. Through the pages i felt he needed a pseudo happy ending. He kinda did but GRRM doesn’t know the meaning of happy ending and maybe i didn’t wanted the happy ending because then what would happen?

But apart from that, i really enjoyed this one. More than i enjoyed the first one, GRRM does what he does best and i love his writing. I encourage you to read this novellas if you enjoy ASOIAF and if you never read ASOIAF i actually think you might enjoy this, but you will not have a base of knowledge and context.


I hope you enjoyed, stay awesome,



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