Tales of Dunk and Egg – The Hedge Knight Novella Review



After not being here for a while i think i’m catching up. My reading weekends are gone so my reading speed decreased a lot. But i don’t mind. I’m 94% of my goal of reading 24 (i think) books. I know it’s really small but i know i don’t read very quickly.

Now, for this review. In Portugal they published the 3 novellas last month (?) and i finished the first one a few days. I usually make reviews on the next day of finishing a book but this time i took some time.

I read ASOIAF (AKA Game of Thrones) last year and it’s one of my favorite books of all time. I just love the plot and the characters, so when i had the opportunity to dive in Westeros one more time i felt really happy. (I know i could read in English but this is an on-going skill, and i started from a different type of books)

This time, almost (at least till now) the characters of ASOIAF aren’t there, just some that you only ear of in the A Song of Ice and Fire.
I always liked the Targaryens and reading about them and the time the dragons ruled is a new experience to me.
We start with the dead of Ser Arlan of Pennytree and Dunk, his old squire and know Knight, decides to continue his journey to Ashford and compete in the tourney. But how can he prove he is a knight?
On the way to Ashford, he meets Egg. A young and bald boy who asks him to be his squire. Which Dunk refuses but still Egg finds a way to be his squire.
From here they spend their time on Ashford but something happens that shouldn’t have happened.

I can’t tell you a lot because it’s a novella and the material isn’t that big. I can’t point anything bad. Has always GRRM proves himself capable of writing beautifully. The plot twist was a big surprise for me, i actually had to read it a few times.

I gave it 5 stars because i love A Song of Ice and Fire and i’m enjoying Dunk and Egg quite a lot!


I hope to continue loving this novellas!

Stay awesome,



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