Neighbors Movie Review

Neighbors new poster


Like i said last post, this weekend was a comedy filled one. I’m a fan of Zac Efron (no shame)  for a very long time, so i really wanted to see this movie. It looked promising.

I enjoyed it, it’s quite fun to watch and the dynamic between the actors is so fun! Zac, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne did an amazing job. The baby (Stella), such an amazing thing. I laugh more when i saw her, because she just looked like a little troll.


The young cast, the fraternity boys, were one of a kind really. I felt a real friendship. I’m from Portugal so i don’t really know how it’s to be in a fraternity but i get the picture. (i know it has a lot of controversy in the US).

The thing i didn’t like at all was the ending. I understood it but it lacked surprise and didn’t talk much about everyone else. It felt incomplete. I really needed a more complete ending to give 4 star to this. I ended up giving it 3.2 because of that ending.

The movie centers in the fight between neighbors because of the noise.

They have funny plans actually and of course it’s like a cat fight but a funny one. I enjoyed it because i needed a comedy movie and this fulfilled my needs. I only point the finger at the ending.


Hope you enjoyed the quick review.

Stay Awesome,



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