Sex Tape Moview Review



This weekend i was in a comedy mood. I watched 2 movies i was expecting to see since the summer! The first review is about Sex Tape.

When i saw the trailer i was so pumped! I really like Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel together ever since Bad Teacher. They really know how to make comedy (for me at least). I don’t usually like the ”comedy sex” movie, i don’t think is comedy just because it has sex. But i actually liked that it’s not just sex the center of this movie. Yo can see they love each other, that was what made me like the movie. They Really portrait a couple that is in love and knows that when you have kids and work time is something that doesn’t exist anymore.

I’m still mad about somethings that happen and of course being a comedy movie most of the things don’t even make sense. But still, it made me laugh a lot and my smile was still there after it ended. I can’t had a ton of things about it. Its a simple movie where a couple tries to salvage their sex tape, that is really it. (With kids involved in the search)

I gave it 3.5 stars, just because i didn’t feel that it needs a 4 stars. It doesn’t need a spoiler review because i really think you should see it.



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