Cinder Book Review



After a long time i finished 1 book and 1 short story. I never thought i would take so long but i think i did.

Today i bring you the review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Why… Why did i left it in my bookshelf for so long? why? This book is amazing! I love every bit of it. If you don’t know, Cinder is a retailing of Cinderella. Where the main character, Cinder, represents Cinderella.
Like Cinderella, Cinder, has a stepmother/guardian who hates her and uses her and of course she has 2 step sisters. But unlike Cinderella, Cinder actually likes one of them.

Cinder is a mechanic and works in a little shop owned by her step mother. She is the best and everyone knows it. But i forgot to mention. She is a cyborg. Crazy cool cyborg let me let you, she doesn’t think this way.
Because i loved it i can’t even talk about it without spoiling it. Just don’t forget. READ IT NOW!

5 starts, i really love it! Next a spoiler review!


Let’s start this amazing review!

I want to address some thing by subjects so this review is something different.

Ending – I knew since the 1º time Selena was brought that Cinder was Selena. Sorry but this was predictable. I still enjoyed it and i don’t think is a down point. This isn’t a crime book so the evidence doesn’t need to be hidden most of the book, neither the conclusions should be hard to make. On the ending it self, i’m glad she escaped and is going with Dr. Erland.

Politics/War – A very important theme. Everything is about politics and how things are managed. Is a good analogy how life really works. I wish there was more about the war, the 4th world war. There wasn’t a lot of information.

Dr. Erland – I didn’t like him on the beginning, but after the ”shock” introduction i started to like him. I think he was presented in a way you will hate him. But after some time you begin to see why he is like he is.

Kaito aka Kai – Oh Kai Kai… I really like you, charming and everything but you miss the intelligence part. You have amazing qualities. Good leader, loyal, charming, funny and a good person, but the lack of deduction is a flaw. But maybe because i like Sherlock so much i expect a lot from Princes and Emperors.
Still i enjoyed Kai, in my opinion he isn’t the big star of the show.

Adri and Peony and Pearl/Iko – I don’t like them, expect Peony and Iko. Poor little girl and robot. I loved them. When Cinder found Iko destroyed my heart broke. I really liked her. And Peony dying that way when she was so young and the way she died… Why? It was heart breaking.

Levanna and Lunars – I actually like Lunars, i don’t like that they are being manipulated. I don’t like Levanna, she is the Evil Queen. All beautiful and stuff always wanting to be perfect. But i don’t think Lunars are like that, they just don’t know better because they are being manipulated by her. Her character is very important and plays a major role.

Cinder – I liked Cinder the powerful cyborg. But i also connected with her because of the lack of confidence. She really was able to feel what most people feel when they doubt them self’s. The only down part was the love pair. She was not feeling Kai for most of the book and then BAM she is in love. That was what i felt.

I know this is a different review from what i usually do but this time i had a ton of opinions about different things. Maybe i should do it like this more often.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay awesome,



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