Gone Girl Movie Review



Yesterday i saw Gone Girl the movie adaption. I have to admit i was expecting a lot, i read some reviews and they all seemed very good so, being a book reader, i wanted to know if the felling of double life and surprise was still there.

In a general overview, the movie does justice to the book. I want to believe is a good book to movie adaption. Some of the details that made me feel crazy weren’t there so i felt robbed. It slaked in the show-amy-is-crazy part, specially the parts that show she was like that since childhood.

Nick is very well portrait. Ben Affleck did an amazing job! The apathy, the smiles everything. I really felt the Nick i felt during the book. Has for Amy….Rosamund Pike you are my hero. Even though i think you could have done a better job in some parts, this is just the 2% of getting to know Amy that only books can teach you. 98% of Amy was just has perfect has the book. Crazy Amy was great. Because i knew about the ending and the twist, seeing this was quite different. While everybody was on shock i was laughing so much. I really enjoyed the performance of everyone. Even Margo and Tanner Bolt made an impression.

The gummy bears before the show. The physical appearance of Andie. Tommy O’Hara and Desi. Oh Desi. Neil did a good job, turning into the controller he is and even the weight issue was showed! To me that is details that couldn’t be missing. And of course the shower scene. I only missed the pregnancy. In the end they should have kept the book ending. I felt it wasn’t dark enough.

On the nudity subject, you can’t see anything if you aren’t looking for it. But if you have eye’s for detail you will probably see it.
Sex, has in the book, is an important subject but i feel that in the book wasn’t a big deal, instead in the movie they turn Amy into Amazing-Sexual-Crazy-Amy. In the part of the cabbing, they are playing golf and for the first time they show Controlling Amy. It was a nice detail but not explored enough.

In conclusion. I enjoyed the movie, i can’t say the book is better or the movie because i don’t feel it’s fair.

Is the book amazing?
Yes. Is the movie good? Yes.
Is it a good adaption? Yes.
Is the movie has good has the book? Of course the book has more details and the characters are a lot more described. But the movie does justice to the book in 75% 80%.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

Stay awesome,



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