If I Stay Book Review



This weekend was a family one. I took the opportunity (like always) to read and finish “If I Stay”.
There is a lot of hype surrounding this book has you may know, so i went expecting a very good book. As the title says, Mia, our main character has to make a choice, either stay with her boyfriend, friends and family but without her parents and brother, or leave this world. This happens after they have a critical accident in a snow morning.

I wasn’t blown away but neither was disappointed. (i must say i’m in a fantasy/sci-fi kick so this wasn’t the best of times to read a romance). A book about feeling and that makes you think about your own life is always like a blow of fresh air. And i enjoyed having to reflect on what i would choose.

I specially enjoyed how real Mia was. A normal girl with a normal relationship, that understands arguing is normal and that every relationship has hard times. I’m not used to reading this kinda of relationships (i’m not very romantic) so this was a positive point in the whole book. The book is a collection of memories, has she is making a choice, and the things that are happening during her first 24 hours in the hospital. Really easy to follow and to read!

About her parents and brother…. that just killed me. In a way i felt like her. I can’t live without my parents and i suffer every time i think about that. It was really hard, really really hard to think about what i would choose. I love my boyfriend and i knew i would make him suffer but living without my parents would be the worst thing. Even though i know that will happen some day.

Gave it 4 stars not because of the amazing story it is but because it’s a story about life and what is important to each one of us.

Spoiler review ahead!


This is a small conclusion because i think there is only one spoiler. Her choice. Just by reading the backside you know she is in a coma in the hospital.
I liked her choice, staying, i understand it. She hadn’t lost everything, just an important part of her life.

The only thing bugging me a lot is the sequel. I found that Portugal has published it so i will be reading it soon but i read the backside and i was confused. I’m still digesting the Mia-NY thing and leaving Adam because she can’t bear to live in the same place her parents live. With this book i don’t get answers but the next i will get them!

Hope you enjoyed the review and i hope to see the movie soon!

Stay awesome,



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