Maleficent Movie Review



Yesterday i saw Maleficent after all the buzz around it. I was pleasantly surprised, not because i thought it would be bad but, since Sleeping Beauty is one of my old Disney favorite movies, i was afraid they would ruined it.

For starters, Angelina Jolie did a great job. I didn’t expected to see her do a ”fantasy” movie, i know she did it already, but because she has a great deal of drama movies, this was a surprise for me. She shown that even villains, sometimes, have a reason to be bad. In this case, the moment she saw her wings ripped off was so heart breaking… that was the moment we saw darkness taking over her. Angelina did an amazing job on that. Elle Fanning, also did an good job portraying Aurora. But her role wasn’t the main one, so i felt the love between her and Maleficent.

I’m enjoying this new trend in movies, that true love isn’t always between a boy and a girl. Love is universal, love for your brother, for your friends… The story in it self is really beautiful and complete in a sense that it isn’t meant to tell Aurora story but Maleficent so don’t expect to see tons of Aurora.


In terms of effects, i really enjoyed the colors and the ambient design but in some scenes it was obvious that was effects. I’m very ”picky” and i don’t enjoy noticing it. The trolls and Diaval had perfect effects. The fire scene could be better but i know special effects cost a lot of money.

Over all, i enjoyed the movie a lot, seeing a different point of view and understanding the other side after 20 years of just knowing the fairy tale, was really cool.


Stay awesome,



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