The Sign of the Four Review



First of all, Thank you for all the support and likes and followers, i never thought someone, other than me, would actually read this. On the end of this post i made a little preview of the future posts!

Like i said last post, i finished reading The Sign of The Four. I have only read 2 books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and some of the Adventures, this(sign of the four) being the second.
My love for Sherlock Holmes began, i admit, with the BBC tv-show Sherlock. So i decided to start reading the novels instead of waiting. I ended up loving the novels but understanding the difference between them.

The Sign of the Four follows a mysterious case of a death. From the beginning: A woman comes seek the help of Sherlock Holmes to go with her to meet a man who claims has sent her pearls for years. When they arrived they discover that she was to have a part of a treasure the man who called her had. But that treasure was no where to be found.
After his brother reveals where the treasure is, he mysteriously dies. The police thinks the guild is on his staff or even his brother but we know that is not what Sherlock thinks.
The events that follow are full is mystery since no one can understand what actually happened except for Sherlock.

I really liked this book. I will not make a review with spoilers since i don’t think is necessary. The Sherlock Holmes novels aren’t simple or basic in mental point of view but doesn’t have a lot to develop, at least for me.

I would like to say that it was fun finding from all the characters from episode Sign of Three (Sherlock BBC) come from. Major Sholto, the weeding (they had already met in the show (Mary and Watson) but since this was the novel they actually were engaged i think it’s appropriate) and i know i’m missing something i just cant remember right now.

Gave it 4 stars.


Soon i will be doing a Series review for Sherlock, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. I would love to make of Flash but i don’t read the comics so i don’t think it’s fair. I’m reviewing for the 2nd time Doctor Who (2005 reboot) and when i catch up i’m planning to do a doctor review (each doctor). For Sherlock well… we have 2 years of waiting! Game of Thrones is a topic i enjoy a lot because i read the books and see the show, love both, more the books. So i hope next year to do episode reviews.

Stay Awesome,



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