The Giver – Son Book 4 Review



Finally i finished The Giver quartet. I felt so good! Once in a while we all need a good cliché ending.

The book is divided in 3 parts. Before, Between and Beyond. Each part represents (or try’s in the second case) a previous book and we follow, the majority of time, Claire’s perspective, she is Gabriel mother.

Before explain us what was happening while Jonas was on training. We still don’t get a accurate description on Birth Mothers but we get a general idea. Between show us a new place with new people, while in the second book we see the world from Kira perspective. Finally, on Beyond we get to see what happened after book 3 – Messeger.

Generally i enjoyed with book, like all the other it isn’t action packed and is slow pace. Because i binge read it, i was used to it and it wasn’t a problem. The final is perfect.

I gave it 5 stars but it’s a 4.5.


Continue for a spoiler review! I hope you guys enjoyed it and sorry for all the posts about The Giver lately. Next post is about Sign of Four.

This review is divided in 3 parts, each represents Before, Between and Beyond.


Fun fact, i still don’t understand how they get Birth Fathers. I know this is a children book, but they also know that kind thing (at a certain age) and maybe Lois could hint it for the adult readers. I’m still very curious about that.
Then we understand that Jonas wasn’t the only one feeling, all birth mother feel at some point in time. But only Claire felt different. This part was quite ”big” for the material it had but i understand Lois was trying to build the world and build Claire.

We end up in another location with Claire having no memory of the Community.


Not being my favorite part, this was by far the one who left me more curious. WHAT HAPPENS?! Why don’t we know anything else? She left and then what?
We follow life as it is for Claire, with no memory of what she was in a place where she can’t escape. The only way to leave is to go up a cliff and only Eidin has made it with great cost. She eventually gets stronger and stronger and gains her memory, when she is about to leave she understands that life will continue without her. The role she was filling has helper to the city healer is already been occupied by a young her. The only thing she knows is unfair is her relationship with Eidin. They fall in love and she stills leaves because Eidin knew that was what she wanted. She goes to the Cliff and manages to climb it and then she met’s the only ”person” who can stop or help her.

I really wan’t to know what happen to Eidin!


Claire is old, 7 years have pass since the climb, Gabe is a teenager, Jonas and Kira married and have 2 kids, Matty died.
She spy’s on Gabe never telling him who she really is because she knows he would believe. On the other hand, Gabe want’s to meet his mother and discover the world. He is building a boat with all is effort. When Claire finally decides to talk to Jonas about who she really his it’s to late for both Gabe and Claire. She is dying and Gabe has finished his boat. Luckly, Gabe doesn’t succeeded, but Claire is still dying.
They found out that Trademaster is close to them and has come to torment them again. Like in the third book, he is taking the good out of people. Gabe finally understands Claire is telling the truth and go’s to stop the Trademaster.

He shows that courage can stop the bad and that strong will shall always win. This gives us what we all wanted. A good happy ending, Claire is young again and Gabe is going home to Jonas and her.

As for me i really liked the end. I was in need of a good happy ending for them.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and sorry for all the posts about The Giver lately. Next post is about Sign of Four.

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One thought on “The Giver – Son Book 4 Review

  1. Meanwhile I finished also Book 4. The first book had a really interesting message. For the last 3 books it got more and more difficult for me to get the message.
    The story itself is interesting and I like a lot that the author has several story lines that are revealed time by time.
    Overall I can recommend the book.


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