The Giver Movie Review



Yesterday i saw The Giver and i was surprised!
I was expecting a bad adaptation, a really bad one, but it wasn’t a bad one either a great one.

This review doesn’t have a lot of details for new comers so read the book review (the no spoiler part) to have more context!

I missed some details like Jonas blue eyes and the red sledge. But overall i liked it. I didn’t mind some of the changes like the injection instead of the pill.

Jeff Bridges did an amazing job! I loved the Giver and the relationship between Jonas and him. That was the thing i didn’t really see in the book but felt it as i was reading. To me, it was the high point of the all movie. The way he protected Jonas from the real world was so beautiful. I just felt he didn’t suffer as much as the Giver in the book and Jonas didn’t felt the need to help him, he felt a little more grown up in the book.


Brenton Thwaites also did a good job portraying Jonas, especially the relationships around him. He really represented love for Gabe and the Giver. The love interest i don’t mind but because i didn’t read about it, i didn’t enjoyed it but i didn’t hated.

Meryl Streep role was more possessive and ”bad commander’ than i thought. I didn’t got the vibe from the book but i understand the reason to do so. Finally understood the ”drones”! I was sorry they took the jet parts from the book (passing cold memories so the planes wouldn’t catch them) but at least Ashe was a friend to Jonas.

The ending was like the book and i’m loving that the movie industry is finally doing that.


To conclude my opinion, like the book, this movie is made to make you think, specially children. How would you feel in a world without feelings? or without suffering. Why can’t we just have joy? Why does Suffering and Joy always come together? And the last thing, when people have the right to choose, do they always choose wrong?


I gave it 4 stars, but it’s more like 3.5. I think everyone should see it for what the story is and not for the hype or because The Hunger Games or Divergent are a great action movie. The Giver is not made to be an action movie so don’t judge it by that.

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