The Giver – Messenger Book 3 Review



Just finished the third book in The Giver series yesterday and today i’m bringing you the review.

This time we follow Matty, also known as Matt from Gathering Blue, the second book in the series. Before, we knew Matt went with Kira father to the other side where life was better. In this book we found him living with him. He now speaks correctly and doesn’t rob or swear. He is also older and love decided to show up.

I don’t honestly know how to make a review without some kind of spoiler after all it’s the third book in a series. I liked more this one, has a faster pace than the second one and introduces us to a new thing.
I was happy to know more things about other characters present in the first and second book and discover their ”endings”.

I gave it 4 stars. The questions raised from this book aren’t that many but in some point’s gives us answers.

Keep reading for a full, with spoiler, review.


I wasn’t very keen on reading this book since book 2 was in some way boring. Since i’m reading all the books in a row with no breaks i pushed myself into reading it. I was surprised because i enjoyed this one. But still my favorite is the first one.

I still have questions unanswered from book one and two! But i was glad Jonas was alive and still the same Jonas we saw on book one (I knew it from book two!). I still don’t understand the powers thing. First they weren’t any powers and now they see into the future and things. It’s not like i dont like that kind of stuff i just wasn’t expecting it from this books. I guess this is more fantasy than dystopian.

I hope all the questions i have be answered on book 4 because i still don’t understand the Birthmothers (where are the birth fathers?) and i don’t understand the powers and how they will affect the world in general.

Sorry for the bad review but i need more time and information to form a real opinion. On the next post i will do a summary of the 4 books.

Stay awsome,



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