The Giver – Gathering Blue Book 2 Review

gathering-blue copy


After reading the Giver i wanted to marathon the series. Just finished the second book Gathering Blue.

Like the first book, we follow the perspective of young person living in a dystopian city. This time the rules are different, age is measure by the number of syllables someone has and there are very church like ceremonies.
Only strong and healthy people are allowed to live, everyone who is out of that range is an outcast and thrown to the Field. But Kira is different, even when her disability her mother was able to keep her. She has amazing talent and that’s what save her after her mother’s death.

I gave it 3 stars but it was like 3.5 but not enough for 4 stars. Not has fun as the first, very slow passed (even more) but the plot is very interesting the only problem is the number of questions i still have. On a final note (spoiler free review) if you are reading the series the book is interesting but if you didn’t like the first you are not going to like this one.


There are a lot of sub-plots on the story. Why do the artists are kept closed? Why is the town so poor?
Is it because they can see the future like it’s said in the book? Do they actually believe they can bend the future to their will?
Why cage the Singer? I was left with a lot of questions. I understand the length of the book doesn’t allow a full description of the problems and that the book is made for children to think.

I did miss Jonas and Gabriel but i think one of them was mentioned. When Matt said there was a two syllable boy with blue eyes. They aren’t a lot of light colored eyes. I hope it’s Jonas or Gabriel.

I enjoyed the book but i expected some more. I hope the third one is better, at least more fast paced.

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