The Giver Book 1 Review



This time i give you my review on “The Giver”.

Read it this past weekend and gave it 4 stars. I could see why it’s a middle grade book, it’s written to make you think between the right and wrong. Easy to read and understand but quite enjoyable even to adults.

There are a LOT of dystopian novels out there and they are all quite a like. More adventurous than The Giver. The Giver isn’t a action pack novel with fast pace story.
Jonas is a 12 year boy but the level o maturity showed is more like 16, which isn’t bad. The story centers around this Community where everything is equal. Everything that can trigger a change or a dispute is non-existent. Someone chooses your job, your wife, your kids and almost your friends. But the truth is, there aren’t any fighting or any problems so why is it bad?

I don’t want to say a ton of things because the book is made to make you think.


Continue to read for a full review with spoilers.

If this novel is to be described in less words i would say Happiness by unknown.
Everyone is happy because everybody is not aware of the reality. They don’t know about war or even colors. Everything is decided for you when your life begins.

The age is counted until you’re Twelve (but if you prove to be a weak baby you are dispensed), by then you are an adult and a profession is assigned to you. You shall make it till the end of your life and then you get old and go to a old people house, eventually you are dispensed. In the mean time you can try to have a wife and kids but you can’t have biological sons. Kids are delivered by women in the profession.
Your food is also given to you in the time everybody should be eating. While you eat you talk about your feelings and try to understand them. If you feel Passion you take a pill everyday. Love is a ambiguous word that has to be replaced by wanting, being proud of… And most importantly, nobody knows of the past and everybody lies.

By now you understand that this is not perfection but the fact is that it works. This Community works because they implemented “Sameness”. But who stores the memories? Knowledge is given from the past and because they know that they have a Memory Keeper. He is responsible for storing everything that ever happened, every feeling and every color or music. In time other keeper is chosen and memories are passed to him.

Why does this community works? Because everybody lives in ignorance and lies. Being dispensed isn’t a good thing. But nobody knows that except the ones who do it. This community kills the weak and unnecessary and keeps the good and healthy. But only care takers know this.

I enjoyed the book but i still have so many questions, so many… Does the other side actually exists? Does Jonas and Gabriel die? WHAT HAPPENS? A good story but short. I’m reading The second book Gathering Blue and i can the a pattern. Works by ignorance, works by fear. But i will do a review when i finish it.

About the movie… yea… that is not going to work. Maybe it’s cool but forget the book if you want to see it. Just by the trailer i saw spaceship things….

Until then, stay awesome,



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