Cascata da Cabreia (Cabreia Waterfall)



A few months ago i went on a little trip. I discovered this place on a news website saying it was amazing and beautiful.

So i grabbed my boyfriend and 2 friends and up we go!

It was in the middle of Spring and the weather was completely random. Fortunately it was sunny and i was able to take some photos. (Kinda noob still please don’t judge me).

Located on Serra da Cabreia, on Silva Escura, Sever do Vouga, Aveiro. (40° 45′ N -8° 23′ O) It’s a park for lunches and to spent a day with friends and family. It has some tables all around the park but if you go late you end up not having any decent table, because most of them are made of rock!
The trail and roads to the park aren’t the best. You will think you’re lost but you aren’t.IMG_8322

It has 2 waterfalls, i tinny one (the one on the photo) and a big one that is the main attraction. The park it self is in the middle of a forest and surrounded by trees and greenery. Very friendly and relaxing, i really love that place. Bad thing is you can’t go to the water.


The second time i went i took my family. We took lunch with us and some snacks. Old schools family time. Because the temperature was higher and it is summer there were some bees. Once again, i took some photos just to test some settings and increase my skill.

IMG_8329 copy

If you are looking for a cool place to stop by in Portugal and escape the cliches of Algarve or the typical vacations visit this Park! It’s a different view of what Portugal can offer and you will spent a nice day.

Hope you enjoyed.

Stay awesome,



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