Casa D’Água


Like everyone, in the summer i like to relax and enjoy the weather. But lately the weather isn’t very nice to us and the cherry on top, I don’t have vacations. So i rely on long weekends and weekends. This time i spent my 3 days weekend on Casa D’Água.

Located on Ancede, Porto, Portugal, Casa D’Água is a modern house by the Douro river. The weather was fantastic and the fact that every corner of the house has flowers just makes it perfect. The owners were fantastic, super nice! We took food with us but there was  so much food there! They even made a cake for us (AMAZING CAKE!).

The house had this amazing chairs inside and outside (on the deck). It’s just by the train rails but don’t thinks the noise is disturbing. I live by the airport so i didn’t even notice.

IMG_9076On the first day we arrived at 16h and just lounged by the sun. I took a couple of photographs and read alot. The night was peaceful and falling asleep with the sound of the river and waking up with it was pretty good.

On the second day we went on a walk through the river side outside. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because there wasn’t that much. On the afternoon we just enjoyed the sun and the went on a dive. I took some photos in the morning and to some flowers, really a nice place to practice photography and settings.


Finally, the last day we chilled on the house because we had to leave after lunch. I really enjoyed not doing a thing except reading. Was a really nice way of relaxing and forgetting everything.

I would love to go back and do other things like the cruise and canoeing. Even though it’s kind of expensive it’s worth it. We rented the all house but you could just rent a room to save some money.


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